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how to lure the elusive Gronk yo your team...


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So basically I've decided to try my best to lure Gronk away from current owner. Both of us are 5-4 in a 12-team PPR bonus yardage/big play/big play TD league. I'm in 3rd he's teetering on the fringe at 6th.


My team


QB - Cutler, Cam

RB - Forte, Gio, Hill, Hillman, Shoelace, Peterson(just claimed off of waivers)

WR - Hilton, Jeffrey, Cooks, Crabtree

TE - Donnell


His team


QB - Sanchez(he just lost foles), Alex Smith

RB - Gore, McFadden, asiata, McKinnon, Hyde

WR - Brown, A.Johnson, VJax, Torrey

TE - Gronk, Clay.


I'm thinking some package of one of my QBs, A RB (but not forte) and either Donnell or a WR.


My biggest glaring need is obviously TE so I want to fill it (drafted Cameron -_-). The graham guy is #1 and won't trade him and the Thomas guy is in last place so thats a no go.


If you had the players I have what would you try to package to get gronk?

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I assume you want to keep Cutler. If I were him I would rather have Sanchez than Newton so I'd say leave the Qb's out of it. I would try Hillman and Jeffery for Gronk. Or Give him Gio/Hill combo plus Cooks. He would have to throw some bench crap back to even it out but try one of those and see if he bites. Personally I would try the Hillman Jeffery one first considering the uncertainty of Hillmans role with Ball coming back.

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I am actually willing to move Cutler and go with the potential Cam still possesses. As a Jets fan I give Sanchez more credit than a lot but ultimately deep down I know what he is. Hes a butt fumble waiting to happen. Just pressure him and watch him develop his I'm about to cry face.


I offered up Cutler/Gio/Hill/Donnell(i would be more than willing to swtich donnell with cooks bcuz I can move Denard for Hopkins right now although Mallet being the starter now makes me hesistate) and he responded with hes only moving Gronk for a stud. So Its a dead horse anyway. Im not moving Forte for Gronk. No way no how.

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