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Ellington, golden Tate, kelce for Hilton and j. Graham


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Team 1: I was attempting to trade ellington and Reed for graham and he countered:


I receive




I send:



G. Tate


Should I accept this?

I get an upgrade on TE but am downgraded on RB...I think Ty and Tate are close advantage but like Ty better. I think the TE upgrade is more significant than the drop off in RB (Ellington to hill or McKinnon...especially considering ellingtons tough schedule).


His other WRs, RBs and TE


WR: Hilton, dJax, boldin, shorts

TE: graham, cook

RB: Vereen, Bernard, Rainey, Hillman, p. Thomas


Thanks for your help!

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you are weakening your RB core significantly, but I'd sell high on ellington now because of the schedule. with cooks out, graham is bound to get some more targets and TE has been dreadful this year. Hilton is a stud, so you can play a wr as a flex.


id do the deal

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Thanks everyone! I accepted the deal...it was good to get confirmation that this deal is good. I do like Hill's outlook the rest if the year...I know he is now competing for touches with Bernard, but he is explosive enough to not need many a lot of touches to be effective.

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