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Burn Top Waiver on Crowell?


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This is a 1/2 point PPR league.


I'm not sure who to drop for Crowell. I'm trying to mitigate any potential benefits to other teams by this pick-up. Who would you recommend dropping (if anyone) for Crowell. And would you use your top waiver claim on him in this situation?


I am in second place in this 10-team league right now, so playoffs are likely a lock already. I'm trying to think of an ideal plan for the playoffs.


QB: Kaep

WRs: Megatron, Dez, Odell B Jr., Andre Johnson, M. Crabtree, Steve Smith Sr. (Start 3 every week)

RBs: Rashad Jennings, Ryan Mathews, Leveon Bell, Bishop Sankey, Ronnie Hillman, Joique Bell (start 2 every week)

Flex: (one spot for a WR/RB)

TE: Antonio Gates

K: Haushka



Would you recommend dropping someone like Steve Smith Sr. or Sankey? Or should I drop Hillman? I don't know if Hillman will return and beast mode for the playoffs or what. Any help or insight would be appreciated.

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You could drop Hillman, or Bell, or Steve Smith for Crowell... I would drop Hillman because he's out a minimum of 4 weeks (from what I've read), while Ball is out 2-3 weeks. I don't see him getting a lot of focused work once he comes back outside of maybe a few carries if everyone is back and healthy by then. Meanwhile, Crowell is one of 2 backs in Cleveland, and is arguably their most talented back

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