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BLOCKBUSTER.. should i do it?


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Your RB scares me a little, but as long as Ryan Mathews produces I love the trade for you because you get better at WR and potentially at TE

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TE Now is Vernon Davis obviously i can get larry donell and several others like Clay and dleanie walker from WW but they are TRASH


Stanford boys on same page seems the ROS no???


Dwayne allen blows i think Coby fleener looks lke the guy? am i misssing something please



Fred Jackson

Arian Foster





D Thomas

R Matthews

C Fleener

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You're missing a lot. 1) Allen doesn't blow, he's their starting TE and has been on a tear all year. 2) the Stanford connection has not really existed at all since they've been in the league, and while Fleener is a decent TE he's not consistent with Allen around 3) Allen only might miss this one game, then he'll be back, and 4) What the hell is Larry Donnell doing on waivers????

Just drop a player and pick up Donnell, no trade necessary to upgrade your TE position

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no they are not better than fleener you have luck flinging the ball around



Walker Blows, Clay Blows, Donnell was just actually picked up its too late...


I banked on Vernon Davis


I can have this as my line up and make another trade and solidify my team if I do the above I can trade Demarius Thomas for anything I WANT RIGHT??




Andrew Luck

Ryan Matthews

Cj Anderson (Whole Denver Backfield I have montee too)

Calvin Johnson

Aj Green

Demarius Thomas

Alshon Jeffrey

TE - Vernon Davis, but can trade for one?

D - Cardinals

K - Justin Tucker

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Fleener is the #2 TE..... period. Allen is their starter, who garners the most minutes and plays and touches. As a result, I don't care if the Colts have Luck & Elway & Montana & Johnny Unitas throwing the football, it doesn't matter if the TE is sitting on the bench.

Clay's not bad either in 1) that offense, 2) he's good, and 3) their QB looks for him in the red zone


But sure, yes you can do that trade above too

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I'm not understanding why you are considering doing this? Unless you are trying to get a top 3 TE, Clay or Walker is all you need. If you really want Fleener for whatever reason why do you have to give up Foster? Trade bench players not a RB1.




My league is HIGHLY intellegent ive traded 13 times this year and MOST have been in MY Favor.. everyone in my league is no dumby to take any bench players...


also its a high stake league that knows every move is crucial trust me no one falls for anything anymore

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so you disagree with


Fred Jackson and Arian Foster


for Demarius Thomas and Ryan Matthews????


I love Matthews going forward, its obvious Oliver Blows bad he average 2 yards a carry vs denver and showed how bad he was again sunday..



So now I will have





and Demarius


I can only start 2 wr and 1 FLEX so one will have to go BUT I CAN move one for a gronk or jimmy graham or an rb1



how is it not a good trade?


Im already #1 seed in playoffs.


even if i lose this week.

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