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Should I add Blount?


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Standard scoring league


My WW claims went thru I was able to pick up Herron and Dwayne Allen...to my surprise nobody claimed Blount should I add him for RB depth?


My roster:

Rodger wilson

Lynch L Murray Herron

Sanders ODB evans white Harvin J Matthews

Kelce allen


Houston D


If so who do I drop to get him?

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I don't trust NE and their running backs. Vereen is fine but I still wouldn't feel comfortable starting him on a week to week basis. I feel bad for people who picked up gray after he scored 4 tds and started him the following week. He didn't even play! So unless you have magical mind reading powers that work on that stonewall that is bill belichik, stay very far away from Blount. There's a reason he is still available on waivers.

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You are playing OBD, Sanders, White (Roddy), Evens or Mathews. Stay away from Jet's players all of them. Playing Blount in the playoffs would be risky regardless.. if you don't need him don't pick him up let someone else stream a guy that could go from 2TD's and yardage to zero like Gray or Vereen.. you don't want that PATs RB backfield mess on your team, Vereen is the only viable RB and he's dangerous to play. If you need RB depth then Harvin is droppable for Blount then you can have the RB depth and see if they run just Blount the rest of the way but it's always risky.

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Yeah you have very good options regardless of Harvin or Decker because someone will do something in NYJ you won't be able to guess who it is with Geno or Vick the proverbial wheels have permanently fallen off in NYJ... Blount was pretty awesome end of the year last year for the Pats perhaps that's what the plan is again, they want home field advantage and will do what it takes to secure it. I don't see Vereen pounding the ball at the 1 yard line.

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