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Iphone / Ipad issues

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I'm using latest version of IOS 8 , and on iphone / ipad , when i access the huddle site , it will load but anytime i click on any links , the screen goes blank and there is only a "GO" located in the browser window. The forums work fine , its just the main huddle pages , with article , projections. I use my ipad 99% of the time and can never get on to view any huddle articles

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I also have the latest version of IOS but have no issues browsing the site in safari on either iPhone or iPad. We've also received no other reports of the issue you're having. So unfortunately I'm at a loss as to a recommendation for you.

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I am using IOS 8.2 - the issue is only happening on the Ipad , so i reset it , redownloaded IOS 8.2 in case there was a bug during first install , cleared all browser cache , resigned in to main page and same problem. I tried it on my brothers Ipad and same issue. Iphone works fine after i cleared my cache.

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