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need keeper league help bad!

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I play in a 10 team ppr keeper league. You are allowed to keep any player from your previous years ending team. an example would be I chose jamaal charles in the first round so i can keep him as my first pick. Each owner selects their keeper from last year and the players are put on the draft board as everybody's first pick. Then we pick numbers out of a hat to determine draft order. Conceivably you could keep charles from previous years team, get lucky by getting first pick and selecting lacy if he was not kept by another owner who had him. This is my dilemma, my keepers can be gio benard, joqiue bell, romo, and edelman. thats by far the weakest keeper pool of the ten owners. Im worried about choosing one of these guys and then getting unlucky any getting the 10th pick. I've tried lobbying the owners to change the rules to no keepers, worst records draft first, and being allowed to choose keeper from entire pool of nfl players not on a roster, they are all unlikely to pass. How would you guys proceed into the draft? Hope you get a high selection or argue that these rules are so unreasonably that its not worth giving away $100 entry fee. by the way the scoring rules are the standard ones but all td's even by qb pass are worth 6.

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Can you trade for a keeper from someone else? While I don't really support the idea of just not returning (in this case) I think I might pass based on those rules (but you did agree to them when you joined). I think your lobbying for too much, simply not having a keeper should give you the 1st or 2nd pick (as someone else may decide not to keep anyone either)

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Ironically, our league is very similar to yours with a few adjustments.


We are a 14 team one keeper league with the same $100 league dues. We hold a "NBA style lottery" like you guys do where anyone has the chance to win the 1st pick in the draft whether you win the league or come in last. The way we hold the lottery favors the worst team tho as each team gets the number of lottery balls that they placed at the end of the year (ex. last place gets 14 lottery balls, champion would get one). I was lucky enough to win the league last year and even luckier to snag the 3rd pick in the draft OR even better one guy was lucky enough to keep Adrian Peterson and snag the 2nd PICK (uhum.. Lacy as his first pick anyone?)! This is where your scenario plays in.


The way I see it your league has to decide if the keeper is worth the trouble. If you guys decide it is, then obviously there needs to be guidelines as to how you can keep a player. For us, our keepers don't go to the top of the draft but instead kept at a plus one round increase from drafted. This way it limits the amount of time you can keep a player where eventually if kept long enough won't be able to keep once reached the 1st round status. This also keeps players from keeping the elite players that will always be drafted in the first rounds (or at least the top 5/6 picks) and also adding value to your roster by choosing who you want to keep (ex. Keeping a Jamal Charles with the first or second round pick or keeping a player like Romo in the later rounds. Right now, your players seems worthless because you have to keep them as your first round pick essentially. To keep a player from the entire NFL draft pool seems crazy. Why not just not have keepers and just draft. Clean slate every year. Also, and this is just my opinion, a team should only be rewarded by keeping a player that they drafted or sacrificed a year for via a trade.


Overall, I think you are overthinking this. You may not have a round one solid keeper but you have options. I would keep Romo (TD's are worth 6 POINTS!!) and draft another/better QB when the opportunity presents itself. I always feel that the QB position holds the best value in trades and who knows, you could end up with a Jamal Charles type player via trade setting you up for the following year where maybe just maybe you get lucky and get the first pick and then this conversation would seem hypocritical cause you wouldn't be thinking the same way with the tables turned.


...but this is just one mans opinion without knowing the leagues details for scoring, keeping and setup. Good luck grabbing a top pick.

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