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Funchess and quick


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Quick should be good catching the deep throws from Foles. As for Funchess, he's basically in the position Benjamin was in last year. He'll be the go to guy for Cam since he has the most potential out of all the current receivers. Quick isn't a must have, but I think Funchess is.




Help me out?



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I've been taking fliers on Quick. He looked good last year before the shoulder injury and I like him as a sleeper WR.


I'm cooler on Funchess. He's a rookie and he's been hurt/ not practicing. However the rest of the WRs stink so he will be on the field. I'd expect a slow start for him but could put up decent numbers as the season moves along.


At this point I would not waste a roster spot on Perriman in a 10 teamer and Bryant is iffy for me too since he's out 4 games.

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If I was picking up one off the waiver I'd take the upside with funchess, in a draft i'd probably take quick because he's going a lot later in mock drafts. quick is the better receiver, but funchess has very little competition. I'm a big funchess guy (I've been following him since high school, he played in a national all star game near my house, with almost all d-1 recruits and he was the best player on the field), I'm also a Michigan fan. He was best at TE (sucked at blocking) but he was a huge mismatch for LBs, when they moved him to WR he struggled a little, which I still think he will this year, he's a big guy but not the fastest, he's still learning how to run routes properly, and he drops too many passes, all that being said I could still see him with 3-6 catches a game, 40-70 yards and where I see him most valuable is in the redzone, so 6-7 tds, , I think he's a couple years away from being really productive, It will be fun to watch him with benjamin

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