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FT2022 - Deandre Hopkins ARI WR (Footlongs)


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2021 Rule change (in effect for 2022 and beyond):


Each year every owner may designate 1 player whose contract expires before the RFA period begins to be his franchise player for the year. The owner will tag the chosen player by posting the players name in the official franchise tag thread in the AFL-Devy forum. The cost to designate a franchise player is $10 AFL-D bucks, and that amount will be deducted from the team's official balance at the start of RFA. This fee is deducted regardless of the owner retaining or losing the player during the RFA period or via trade.


8.1 Franchise Tag Restrictions
Franchise tags are valid only for the team who issues the tag by posting in the franchise thread and paying the initial fee. The tag is non-transferable, from the time a player is tagged until all RFA bids close for that player, or the end of RFA, whichever comes first. In the case that a tagged franchise player is traded away during the aforementioned period between tagging and bid closing/end of RFA, the teams franchise tag will be voided for the year. The $10 tag fee is non-refundable.


8.2 The Bid Process

A week prior to the start of RFA, franchise tagged players may be bid upon by the remaining 11 franchises. The player commissioner will create threads in the forum for each franchise tagged player. Owners can reply in those threads with their offer. Minimum bid is $21 AFL-D bucks and a 1st round pick in that year's draft. Owners who possess multiple first round picks may choose which pick they offer in their bid but it must be explicit or the bid is void. Owners who do not possess a first round pick in the upcoming rookie draft cannot bid on franchise tagged players. Only one bid can be made per owner per franchise tagged player. No edits and no increasing of bids are allowed. Owners are allowed to bid with the same pick/cash on multiple franchise tagged players.


8.3 Retaining a Franchise tagged player

Should an owner choose to retain their franchise tagged player, the cost to retain is half of the highest cash bid offered with the $10 tag fee built-in.


Example: $70 is the highest cash bid of all of the offers on a FT player. Half of that amount is $35 minus the $10 FT fee leaves a balance of $25 that the retaining owner needs to pay to retain.


8.4 Franchise Tag Offer selection

Once the deadline to submit offers is over, owners will have 24 hours to select the winning bid. The winning bid is not necessarily the highest cash value but whichever values the FT player owner believes is most valuable. The relinquishing owner receives half of the cash bid selected and the first round pick designated in the offer.


8.5 Multiple Bids

In the event that the same assets (cash or first round picks) from a team are offered for multiple franchise tagged players, the first accepted bid (by forum timestamp) will nullify all other proposals including those assets. In the event that an owner can cover the multiple bids made with enough cash and first round picks, they cannot withdraw their other bids on a successful selection.


8.6 Contracts given to retaining or acquired franchise tagged players

Once retained or acquired, franchise tagged players are like any other players acquired or retained in RFA. Contract lengths can be assigned as per the offseason process.


Bid deadline is Mar 31 midnight EST

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