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NU @ ISU Saturday


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Looks like a battle of teams heading in opposite directions. I just don't have any faith that NU's defense can stop Seneca Wallace. It'll be close, but with the game being @ ISU, I look for the goalposts to be torn down in Ames and the bugeaters to be looking for a new coach come January.

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WAR Cyclones !!

Jack Trice Stadium will be rocking. The parking lot will start filling up at about 8:00am. This is Seneca's chance to secure an invite to the Downtown Athletic Club. If the score is close at halftime, the Cyclones will roll in the second half. Iowa State has one of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the country and Dan McCarney is a master at making the right moves at halftime. Nebraska had two weeks to prepare for this game. It will take them longer than that to get over it ! Woo - hoo ! Is it 2:30 yet ?

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I can't believe you told an Iowa State fan not to get too excited after beating Nebraska ! :D My first reaction would be to say, that you wouldn't understand how it feels. But then I thought, hey - if you've been a K-State fan very long, you would know exactly how it feels. Between World War II and 1985, Kansas State had exactly four winning football seasons and eight winless seasons. They were 0-21-1 for the two years prior to the hiring of a former Hayden Fry assistant. In Bill Snyder's first year, they won one game - against I-AA North Texas State and the fans tore down the goalposts. In Bill Snyder's fifth year, Kansas State won their first bowl game ever. Two years later, the Wildcats had a Heisman trophy candidate at quarterback named Michael Bishop and they turned into a national power. Eight years ago, Iowa State hired a former Hayden Fry assistant. Six years later they win their first bowl game ever. Two years later they have a Heisman Trophy candidate at quarterback named Seneca Wallace and we just blew out Nebraska and you tell me not to get too excited? eek!

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Hey Takeoffhoser, how many of these games do you remember?


2001 42-3 Kansas State

2000 56-10 Kansas State

1999 35-28 Kansas State

1998 52-7 Kansas State

1997 28-3 Kansas State

1996 35-20 Kansas State

1995 49-7 Kansas State

1994 38-20 Kansas State

1993 27-23 Iowa State

1992 22-13 Kansas State

1991 37-7 Kansas State

1990 28-14 Kansas State


Kansas State is 11-1 in the last 12 games (one season worth) vs. Iowa State.


Don't talk too much until you get that victory you're so sure you'll get.

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Hey K-State 2000 - don't put words in my mouth. You said Nebraska was going to beat us. If you are bold enough to make predictions on line, you have to know somebody is going to call you on it. Then you tell me not to get too excited because we won. I made no prediction about any game coming up. But I'd be interested in hearing yours. You are the one who guaranteed that Florida State was going to be Louisville by 30 on Thursday night. Keep making predictions K-State 2000. I'll make money all year long taking the other side !

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I was just messing with you …


Actually I have a friend that went to Iowa State, If Kansas State doesn’t win the Big 12 North then I’d like to see Iowa State do it as long as it’s not at the expense of Kansas State.


Iowa State’s football program reminds me of the Kansas State program of about 10 years ago; they haven’t done much in football for a while and have now emerged onto the national scene.


It was great to see Nebraska lose on Saturday as it always is. I hope to enjoy more Saturdays like that down the road.

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