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Arkansas vs. Auburn


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rofl @ someone from arkansas calling someone "inbred" well polksalet, i think this is the most underrated game of the day and i KNOW JP Sports is licking its chops after getting this one. anyway, if the hogs win they should be unbeaten going into the finale w/ LSU and LSU might be unbeaten as well. Auburn is good against the run, but hell we were last year and the hogs got like 470 yds rushing against us. Hopefully its a good game, i'll cautiously take Auburn 21-16 but if the Hogs win it won't be a shock. Matt Jones is awesome and Cedric Cobbs is to. What do you think polksalet? Can this band of inbred toothless hogmosexuals make it three in a row against Auburn? I think you'll agree with me that the SEC West is now the superior of the two divisions.

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Much like the majority of razorback players, im not from arkansas thank you very much. I only live here temporarily.


I really dont know about this game. I actually despise the razorbacks but only enjoy watching beat all of the bama teams who i hate worse. So not being biased i will give you my opinion.


Straight up this arkansas team is freaking me out. Matt jones is passing like and average d-1 qb which is a VAST improvement over his previous skills. That being said he is dominant with his huge legs and is scary think think about as a passer. The hog oline is quite simply the most dominant run blocking unit ive seen since the scott frost era at nebraska. Shawn andrews is absolutely the best run blocking olineman i might have ever seen in college football and they have a dude named reith who is wayyyyyy underrated, hes one of those average size guards that runs probably a 4.9 40 and absolutely smashes guys when he pulls. The rest of the line is very good but imo those will be the ones AU has the most difficult matchups with. Their te peters is like 6-5 310 and runs a legit 4.7, no ****, im not lying to you but has hands of stone and is really an enhanced tackle.


Rbs well i think cobbs is way overrated, youll see when you see the line play, man like i said its a dominant dominant unit. Dearrius howrd is the short yardage back an is probably better than cobbs in fact, they tend to platoon the two of them.


Arkansas has the most incredibly average set of wrs in the country, all are about 5-10 189 and runs in the 4.6-4.7 range. If it werent for jones freaking everyone out running out of the backfield they wouyldnt pass for 1k yards as a team.


DL, im not sure about this, they like like one of the top units in the country but with basically the same crew last year they got destroyed late in games so the jury is still out. Tht being said if TU cant run on them i cant see auburn doing much.


Linebackers, above average, theyve got a big honkey named caleb miller who is pretty good.


cb's richardson and batman, rchardson is the real deal and will prob be a 2nd round draft pick this year. Dominant cover corner, great speed. Batman Carroll is a safety playing corner, kind of in the rod woodson pre arthritis mold> hes way bowed up and has great straight line speed but tends to get turned around a lot. However he pretty well shut down roy williams so who knows.


Safetys, all sec linebackers tony bua has been moved back there and is doing a good job, the others are solid as well.


I know that sounds very optimistc but thus far the swine have shown few weaknesses.



My take on auburn, i dont know a lot about them but i know the oline is like off the charts big. Have a great rb in williams but i do believe hes overrated, hes solid but not the kind of guy i thought he was earlier in his career, the other rb though he slips my mind is good as well.


Your qb appears to be an idiot and/or the auburn fans are using him as the scapegoat fore their early season meltdown. But not seems to be adequate.


Thats really all i know. I can tell you this however, if the hogs are ready and i believe they will be, fraking auburn better be ready, these guys are animals, i know i keep harping on it but i cant see ANY dline in the country holding up to them for four quarters.


Also if the auburn line is as good as they are big they should wear down the hogs suddenly studly dline as well.


Its gonna be a good game, im guessing pigs 24-auburn 21, i dont look for a high score and it will be a close one which could go either way, i give the victory to the hogs because of the line and supsrior coaching.

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