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$$$$ Keeper/Dynasty Hybrid...need owners..1st year


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This will be the first year


at least 12 teams


more than half full.... mostly with local friends and co workers of mine here in southern california (LA/OC area)...all uf us are veteran fantasy players...looking to fill the league with either other locals( all current local owners will be getting together for our portion of the draft) or anyone willing to do a one day, live draft,via either cbssportsline draftroom or internet chat room or aol instant messaging,somewhere within the two weeks prior week 1....on either a saturday or sunday


if interested in the structure/rules below, email me back at rclinkinpark1@aol.com for more info






1A. Current Franchises

This dynasty league will consist of at least 12 teams.



2A. Divisions

The league will be split into three divisions of four teams each.

The divisions will be the East, West, South, and will be determined at a date closer to or on draft day, by random draw.



4A. Entry Fee

Each team will be required to pay a $150.00 entry fee, on or before draft day (TBD)


4B. Payouts - Main


Here is a breakdown of pay outs:


12 TEAMS at $150 = $1800

130.00 CBSSPORTSLINE FEE leaves $1670

Weekly Payouts:

Weeks 1-5 – no payouts

Weeks 6-9 pay $22 to weekly high scorer ($88)

Weeks 10-13 pay $33 to weekly high score ($132)

*** all ties will split money








SECOND BEST ……..$130


THIRD BEST …….$120




LEAVING… $1050

*****Please note that the regular season prize money above is paid out to the three best teams with the best overall win/loss records, paying no attention to divisional standing. For example, it’s possible that a team in 2nd place in one division may have a better record than a Divisional Winner in another division, therefore qualifying that 2nd place team for the money ahead of the divisional winner. All ties will be subject to tie breaker rules laid forth in section 10C.


CHAMPION RECIEVES………………………………………… $500 + any waiver claim money




CONSOLATION GAME WINNER……………………………. . $200






5A. General Information

The draft in the initial season (2005) will be 22 rounds. All players are available for this draft. Every years draft thereafter will consist of 14 rounds to offset the 8 players per year that will be kept from each teams roster. Players available for these drafts are dropped players and incoming rookies.


5B. Draft Order

The draft order will be determined as follows:

In the first year (2005), random drawing of numbers or draft randomizer on or before draft day will determine order of serpentine draft.


In all years thereafter, it will be as follows


1-6. The six non play-off teams will draft according to their regular season record. Worst going first.


7-8. The next two teams will be the two that lost in the first round of the play-offs.


9-10. Following those teams, the next two will be the two teams that lost in their Semi Final games


11-12. The Super Bowl will determine the last two positions. The runner-up in the Super Bowl will draft 11th and the winner, 12th.


The draft order will remain the same for all rounds, with the worst record drafting first and so on.


5C. Draft Order Tie-Breakers

If there happens to be a tie in determining draft position, the tiebreaker will go as follows:


1) Total regular season points.

2) Fewest points in week 13, and down (if necessary) until the tie is broken.


5D. Draft Pick Trades

Trading of draft picks is permitted. Draft picks can only be traded one years draft ahead.


You may trade away a maximum of four picks per year. You must have at least 10 available picks per year.


You may trade a MAXIMUM of 1 pick, in rounds 1-3, away a year. Meaning you must have at all times, at least two picks, in the first three rounds of any years draft.




6A. Composition

Each team will be allowed 22 roster spots. Each roster spot may be filled by players in any of the following positions: Quarterback (QB), Running Back or Fullback (RB), Wide Receiver (WR), Tight End (TE), Place Kicker (K), and IDP- either-DL, DLBs, or DBs (Individual Defensive Player- you must carry at least two of any combination of the three IDP positions)


Your roster can be made up of any combination of players, in so long as you have at least two players at each position on your roster at all times.


6B. Starting Line-Up

Each week, each team will be required to submit a starting line-up. All starting lineups must follow the following makeup:

1 QB

2 RBs

2 WRs

1 TE

1 K


1 either WR or TE as a flex player


Starting line-ups are to be submitted one half hour prior to kickoff of the weeks first game.


Franchise Players:

All teams keep 8 Franchise players from year to year.


Franchise Players must be named by AUGUST 1st of the next season.


Players Traded before August 1st MUST be listed as franchise players

on the new team. Players brought onto your roster before August 1st, and after the trade start up period (Tuesday after NFLs SuperBowl)

are Franchise Players and you must keep them and have them count

against you. Basically you must keep any players you acquire in a trade in the off-season.


You may only keep up to THREE players at any given position.


You must cut AT LEAST TWO players who have a draft value of rounds 1-5 each year.




7A. Scoring System

Passing TD’s: 4 points

All other TD’s: 6 points

Passing Yardage: 1 point for every 25 yards

Rushing/Receiving Yardage: 1 point for every 10 yards gained

IDP: 2 points per sack, INT, and safety

: 1 point per fumble recovery

: 0.5 points per tackle

Kickers - Field Goals: 3 points per FG of 0-49 yards, 4 points per FG of 50+ yards,

1 point per PAT

-3 points per missed FG of 0-49 yards

-1 for missed PAT

2-Point Conversion: 1 point for passer, 2 points for run or catch


7B. Official Scoring System



7C. Disputes

Owners should notify the commissioner of any scoring error immediately upon the error being discovered. The commissioner will resolve any disputes in scoring. Any discrepancies which are not drawn to the commissioner’s attention by the following weekend will stand as is.




8A. Free Agents

Any player not drafted in the draft and not on a roster is considered a free agent.


8B. Free Agent Acquisitions

Franchises can acquire any player not currently on another team’s roster via the waiver wire. However, after the roster deadline of week 12, teams will NOT be allowed to sign any free agents until after the following year’s draft. There will be a two day waiver process on all free agents.


Each team gets 12 free add/drops/ successful waiver claims per year up until the transaction deadline of week 12. Any add/drop/successful waiver claims made after the free 12 and before week 12, can be done so at a cost of $ 20 dollars per transaction. (must be paid simultaneously with transaction). Freebies do not carry over from year to year.


Between the end of each years draft and the lineup deadline period of week 1, all add/drop/waiver claims are not charged to an owner.


No player may be reacquired by the same team, within a 4 week timeframe. For instance, you drop player X in week 1, you can not bring him back on your roster in any way until week 5.


8E. Trades

Trading can take place at any time.


Trading of draft picks are permitted, however you may never have less than ten available picks, and less than 2 picks within the first three rounds of any years draft, at any time.


All draft picks that are traded must be made known at the time of the trade. No “player/pick to be named later” business.


Uneven trades can occur (I.E. 3 players for 2) in so long as the appropriate add/drops take place so all rosters at all times carry 22 players. An add/drop to even out the rosters due to a trade does not count against your free 12 acquisitions


No player may be reacquired by the same team, within a 4 week timeframe. For instance, you trade player X in week 1, you can not bring him back on your roster in any way until week 5.


ALL trades are FREE


In order for trades to be conducted in the off-season, the participating teams must pay at least half of next seasons league fee prior to any trade going through.


8F. Trade Deadline

The trade deadline will be at the lineup deadline of week 11 of the NFL season. Trading can resume the Tuesday after the NFLs Superbowl.


8G. Trade Disputes

If a trade is disputed it will be put to league vote. All owners, not involved in the trade will vote. If a 12 team league, 7 out of the voting 10 must vote to overturn the trade, or it stands


Collusion = unacceptable and can cause owner removal from the league




9A. Regular Season

The regular season will span the first thirteen weeks of the NFL season, and consist of 14 games. Week 2 will be a fantasy double header week, in which each team will play two match-ups. Each team will play the teams in their respective division 2 times and all eight teams from the other two divisions once


9B. Play-Off Schedule

The play-offs begin on week fourteen (14) of the NFL season. The play-offs conclude on week sixteen (16) with the Super and Consolation bowl.



10A. Qualifying

A total of six (6) teams will qualify for the playoffs. Their will be three division winners, and three wildcards, who are the three best, non divisional winning teams, irregardless of division.


10B. Seeding

Teams will be seeded as follows:


Division Winner 1 (best overall record amongst division winners), Divisional Winner 2 (2nd best record amongst DWs), Divisional Winner 3 (third best record amongst DWs)


Wild Card 1(best record amongst non divisional winners), Wild Card 2 (2nd best) , Wild Card 3 ( 3rd best)


10C. Qualifying/Seeding Tie Breaker

The tie breaking system for playoff qualification and seeding is as follows:


1) Head to Head play. If team A beat team B more times in the regular season, team A would finish ahead of team B in the standings.

2) Division Record. If team A and B split the head to head match-ups during the regular season, both teams divisional records would be calculated. If team A had a better division record than team B, team A would finish ahead of team B in the standings.

3) Total Points. If the tie is not yet broken, total points will be added up. The team with the higher amount of total points will finish ahead of the other.

4) High Game. If both teams scored an equal amount of points in the regular season, the team that scored the higher point total in week 13 will finish ahead of the other.

5) 2nd High Game. If the tie is still not broken, we will repeat #4 using week 12 and so on until the tie is broken.

6) Coin Toss.


If there is a tie between three or more teams, the tie will be broken as follows:

1. Divisional Record


2. Head-to-Head Sweep (Applicable only if one club has defeated each of the others or if one club has lost to each of the others)


3. Head-to-Head Record (best won-loss-tied percentage in games among the clubs)


4. Overall Points


5. Divisional Points


10D. Playoff Ties (Game Day)

In the event of a tie between two teams during a playoff game, the tie breakers will be as follows:

1) Highest individual scorer in each team’s starting line-up.

2) Total Bench points.

3) Highest individual scorer on each team’s bench.

4) Coin toss.


10E. Play-off Pairings

The Playoff pairings will be as follows:


Quarter Final Round (WEEK 14)- Division winner 3 vs. Wild Card 3 and Wild Card 1 vs. Wild Card 2

****Divisional Winners 1 and 2 receive a bye in this round


Semi Final Round (WEEK 15)- Divisional Winner 1 vs. lowest seeded remaining WC and Divisional Winner 2 vs. other remaining team


Finals (WEEK 16) – Two winners from Semi Final Round will play for the Championship

The two loosing teams from Semi round will face off in the consolation bowl to determine third place prize money winner



11A. Signing Of Free Agents

Free agent signing is not permitted during the off-season. A team may only sign free agents after each years draft and prior to the lineup deadline in week 12. After that, players cannot be added/dropped or signed until after the following season’s draft.


11B. Off- Season Trades

Teams are allowed to make trades all year long. (With the exception of after week 11 up until the Tuesday after the NFL SuperBowl)


11C. Roster Cut Down

Each off-season, teams will be required to cut their rosters down to 8. The deadline for teams to submit their cuts will be August 1st. The commissioner will contact each team prior to this date.


11E. Schedule

In order to get the schedule to change from year to year, we will randomly re-draw for division alignment prior to each years draft.



12A. Comments, Concerns and Suggestions


If anyone has any comments, concerns or suggestions, please contact me at my email: rclinkinpark1@aol.com

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