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Auction Keeper Leagues

MU Cowboy

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Here are the league rules from a 12 team auction keeper league, that I am in.






1.1. The 12-team league will consist of three divisions, with each team playing their division rivals twice and 7 interdivisional teams once in a head to head format. The regular season consists of 13 games. Playoffs last 3 weeks, ending with the Fantasy Bowl during NFL week #16. Six teams (division winners and three wild cards) make the playoffs. Players will be selected using an auction style draft. A team owner will have the option of keeping up to four players from their roster be used for the next season.





2.1. Owners must field their team using the following formation:


(1) Quarterback

(2) Running Backs

(3) Wide Receivers (Tight Ends are considered WR)

(1) Kicker

(1) Defense/Special Team


2.2. The lineup submission deadline will be five minutes before kickoff for players involved in those games. For example, if there's a game on Thursday, the deadline is Thursday five minutes before that game. It's IMPORTANT to note that any early deadline only applies to PLAYERS IN THOSE EARLY GAMES. Owners can submit the remainder of their lineups up until five minutes before kickoff on Sunday.


2.2.1. If for some reason you cannot enter your line-up into the league web site on time, you can call the commissioner and he will enter the line-up for you. Please note the phone call must be placed before the deadline.


2.2.2. If a lineup is not submitted for Week 1, the top salaried players at each position will be used regardless of injury status.




(See scoring attachment)


3.1. Players may score points in any offensive category regardless of position.





4.1. Regular season – Ties count.


4.2. Playoffs – No ties allowed.

Tie breaker:

1. Three players are ranked from your starting lineup and compared one at a time until the tie is broken.





5.1. The waiver wire signing period begins after the first week of NFL games are played. The deadline for the first round of weekly acquisition requests is Wednesday at 11:59 P.M. The waiver wires will be awarded based on reverse playoff order.


5.2. The free agent signing period is opened (6:01 A.M. Thursday) after the waiver wire period ends and players may be signed on a first come first serve basis up to 5 minutes before kickoff of that player’s game.


5.3. All acquisitions are signed to a maximum three–year contract at a salary of $3 for the first year. A drafted player that is dropped by a team and acquired by another will retain their drafted salary.


5.4. The transaction fee will be $5 per player picked up.





6.1. Owners may make trades anytime before week 11 and anytime after the fantasy bowl.


6.2. Player salaries will remain the same for keeper purposes when they are traded.


6.3. Any number of teams may be involved in a single trade.


6.4. All trades will be monitored by the Commissioner and will be voided if he deems them to be collusive in nature.





7.1. The 3 division champions will be the top three seeds based on records and tiebreakers. The Wild-Card teams will be the teams with the next 3 best records regardless of division. The Wild-Cards will be seeded 4-6.


7.2. Playoff seeding:


1. Best record

2. Total points

3. Head to head


Playoff Week 1: 6th Seed vs. 3rd Seed

5th Seed vs. 4th Seed

Top 2 Division winners get a bye in the first round.


Playoff Week 2: Lowest seeded advancing wild-card vs. 1st Seed

Other advancing team vs. 2nd Seed


Playoff Week 3 (Fantasy bowl) Winners from Playoff Week 2




7.3. The Pay out schedule will be released during each year’s draft. The transaction fees from player acquisition signings will be carried over to the next football season.





8.1. The annual draft will be held sometime between the last week of August and the first week of September.


8.2. Each team’s salary cap is $100.


8.3. The initial draft order will be determined by a random drawing and will follow that pattern throughout the draft.


8.4. Each owner will have the opportunity to submit a player name to be bid on. The opening bid belongs to the owner who submits the name and is at least the league minimum ($1). The submitting owner may start the bidding at a value above the league minimum if they wish.


8.4.1. Any owner may increase the bid at any time until the bidding is deemed closed by the auctioneer.


8.4.2. The minimum increase for bidding is $1.


8.4.3. If no owner raises the bid, from the opening bid, the submitting owner gets the player at the opening bid.


8.4.4. Any winning bid that will put a team over their salary cap, or not allow for the minimum 16 roster slots at the minimum salary, will be refused and the next highest bid will be awarded the player (provided the same rules are not broken).


8.4.5. Any team that already has 16 players is not allowed to bid on any player. No team may make bids that will break their maximum allowed bid, in order to drive up the price on a player.




8.5. An owner will have a thirty-second time limit to nominate a player from the time the auction is closed on the previous player.


8.6. The auction will continue until all teams have filled 16 roster slots.






9.1. All players are signed to a maximum of a 3-year contract. This will allow for some player turnover within the league. Owners obtaining players near the end of their contract need to be aware that the player will be returned to the free Agent pool at the end of the season regardless of the terms of the trade.


9.2. The years remaining on the contract will be noted on the rosters.


9.3. Up to four players from your roster can be kept for the next season. A limit of two players per position is allowed. All team cuts must be turned in by Aug 15th.


9.4. Players receive an automatic 10% salary increase each year they are designated as a keeper for the next season. All salaries are rounded up to the nearest $1.







10.1.1 A 2/3 majority of owners will be needed to have a rule changed during the season. In the off-season, rules changes only need simple majority. In the case of a tie, the Commissioner's vote will decide the rule.

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