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TO Trade Offer


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Have been offered a trade that my first impression was to reject but I am considering for a couple of reasons.


Here are the details of league are:

12 team Keeper League (keep 8 players – QB / 2 RBs / 3 WR/TE / Def / K)

Performance Scoring

6pts rushing/rec TD / 4 pts passing TD / .067 pt per passing yd / .20 pt per rushing/rec yd

My Keepers – Hasselbeck / D. Davis / J. Jones / T. Owens / H. Ward / B. Lloyd / Buff D / J. Wilkins I have the 4th pick in every round.


I have been offered D. Jackson and his 1.07 pick for TO. I have never been a big TO fan and I just think he has worn out his welcome in Philly. I could probably be wrong, but I just don’t think he will repeat last year’s production. According to my VBD rankings TO is the #2 WR with 220 projected points. DJ is the #9 WR with 178 projected points.


With my #4 pick I will be able to get S. Jackson , T. Bell, or A. Green. At #7, I could still probably get another good RB like M. Bennett, Arrington, or Jordan. Then use my 2.04 pick on a WR. This would give me 4 top 20 RBs and probably 3 top 30 WRs


Or I could go with a WR like D. Bennett, Coles. S. Smith or J. Smith at the 1.07, and I would end up with 3 top 20 RBs and 3 top 20 WRs. with pick 2.04 still to come


Would you make this trade? I appreciate all comments - THANKS

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I would NOT make this trade.


Love him or hate hime, T.O. is a bonafied stud (between the lines) and it would be hard to argue that he is not a big difference maker on a fantasy team.


You can only start 2 RB's and must start 3WR/Tes, so TO has more value to you as an everyday starter than does a less valuable WR and a #3 and #4 RB. Indeed, you will be able to pick up that solid #3RB anyway, so you are covered there and will still have TO on your team.


Here's a look at your potential starting line-ups (w/ first sub) and you tell me which team you'd rather face:




JJones (S Jackson, TBell, AGreen - 1.4 pick)



Lloyd (or decent #3 WR you get in round 2 or 3)







JJones (S Jackson, TBell, AGreen - 1.4 pick)



Lloyd (or S. Smith, Coles etc.)


I'd sure rather play against team 2

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Even though T.O has gotten off to a bad start with PHI this year with the hold-out deal he'll be very welcomed once the season starts. He's the only go-to-guy in PHI & when you consider he missed two starts last year it's not a stretch to predict even bigger numbers from him this year.


Now with that said nobody is untradable but it all depends on your team needs. With the Davis/J.Jones combo you should be set at RB with the addition of a backup & like Butkus stated you can only start two anyway. I like S. Jackson a lot but I couldn't recommend downgrading a starting receiver to gain backup depth.


However if you're not real high on T.O I'd suggest announcing to your league that he would be available for the right price & you may very well receive a better offer.

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