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  1. Bump - great league for anyone wanting to get into IDP or someone who wants a full IDP redraft - hard to find leagues this deep in redraft.
  2. Bump - 11 BOTH league player here. Took a new orphan in this league. Tons of trades so far. Great setup as the original post states.
  3. I will take this spot Apocalypse if still open. Sending PM. Thanks
  4. One league I am in uses 12 for FA (descends by 2 for the 3 years kept - First year 12, second 10, third 8) We do not allow any keepers drafted in the first three rounds which keeps the draft top heavy and interesting.
  5. I would think long about burning a late 1st.
  6. No chance he is there
  7. Sigh of relief since I have bought Dez everywhere. This Dallas WR is a mess but someone will get opportunity. Guess I hold D Coale for now in Dynasty.
  8. Brown now Battle - Starting to question the Edwin Baker hold in deep Dynasty a little.
  9. 7 spot please. PM sent
  10. Since this league is full - I will mention that REDRAFT WARS has an opening. (See Forum). ** Full IDP League
  11. Irish - For now gonna hold/pass on BLNY. Glad to be in another BOTH league though with this one.
  12. I jumped in with the assumption we were heading to 16. Keep em coming I hope.