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As the Alpha-Male in my household I demand sole possesion of the remote control. I have to admit, that I force my wife to watch a lot of crap. So, as a consolation, last night I agreed to watch whatever she wanted. After American Idol, she wanted to watch a show on Fox called, Bones.




Everything about this show was terrible. Writing... terrible. Acting... terrible. Camera work... terrible. The only hint of a silver linging was that they showed some babes in bikinis, and frankly I can't figure out why except that they mus trealize how bad the show is and figured hell we better throw some bikinis in there too.


The writing was so amazingly bad, that I swear I was wincing. But what's worse than bad writing, is a lack of talent to execute that bad writing so that it can realize it's sad potential. Is this really the best pool of actors that this show had to choose from? It hurts me to know that my generation cannot produce some minimal level of achievement in the theatrical arts these days. At least we've got Brokeback Mountain. :D


And then the camera work. Ugh. Enough with this quick-zoom, out-of-focus, faux-hand-held-minicam, snap-to-the-action style of film already. If you're going to "borrow" originality from other succesful shows, try lifting something that doesn't give half of your viewers a headache.


Good day. :stepsoffsoapbox:

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i concur.


i hated even watching the last few minutes of it waiting for House to come on. since they've moved it, i no longer have to!

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