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Stanley Cup thread

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It's playoff hockey time! :yay:


Predictions? Previews?


In the East....


I think it could be ripe with upsets, starting with the 1/8 matchup between the Rangers and Ottawa. The Sens took 3 of 4 in the regular season from the top team in the league this year, and could give lots of trouble.


The Bruins/Caps series looks to be one where the B's are going to muscle their way past the injury-riddled post-season underachievers, but maybe a Washington team with no expectations on them can actually produce in the playoffs?


Florida and New Jersey features an upstart surprise squad against the old vets and no one expects the higher seeded Panthers to win.


To illustrate the craziness of the NHL playoffs, the favorite to win it all is the #4 seed Pittsburgh Penguins. They draw Philadelphia in the 1st Round. I was going to label the Pens the archrival of the Flyers, but really, everyone in the general Northeast corridor is the Flyers' rival (Devils, Rangers, Bruins, Caps, at least).


In the West....


It seems like it's a little more chalky, and top heavy than the east. For instance, if top-seed Vancouver loses to LA in the 1st Round, there ought to be riots in the streets for that.


St. Louis and San Jose is kind of a sexy matchup from the outside, but really, the Sharks aren't very good this year, especially against the Blues, who swept the season series.


The 3/6 in the west is very similar to the east. An upstart team in Phoenix vs. a road warrior squad in Chicago. Actually, the Coyotes are led by 39 yr old Ray Whitney, and the Blackhawks have a lot of youngsters that brought them a Cup year before last.


The best matchup could be Nashville and Detroit as the 4/5 in the West. The Predators (the worst name in sports) have the huge Pekka Rinne in goal and the Wings have the logo on their side.


Here's my call....


NY over Ottawa in 7. Boston over Washington in 7. NJ over Florida in 6. Pittsburgh over Philly in 6.

Vancouver over LA in 4. St. Louis over SJ in 5. Chicago over Phoenix in 6. Detroit over Nashville in 7.


NY over NJ in 7. Pittsburgh over Boston in 6.

Vancouver over Chicago in 7. St. Louis over Detroit in 7.


Pittsburgh over NY in 6.

Vancouver over St. Louis in 7.


Pittsburgh over Vancouver in 6.

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Sorry that I posted mine in the appropriate forum.... :peace:


I guess this can be deleted.

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