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MFL added a new feature allowing commissioners to determine who is eligible for taxi.  In typical MFL fashion they left it defaulting to no selection and broke the ability to demote anyone to taxi.  Commish just needs to into Setup -> Taxi Squad Setting and select an option.



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Yes I just found this out today when someone tried to demote a guy they traded for that was on the other team's taxi squad.  I emailed MFL and asked when a trade is made could they place taxi guys on the new teams taxi squad as opposed to putting them on the active roster I am guessing it will fall on deaf ears.


I actually do like they made this change though in 1 of my leagues we can pick up rookies and place them on taxi and in others we can't so I can set accordingly and not have to monitor it all year like I have in the past.


I remember when I was first using MFL and rolling over to the new year that all the taxi guys had to be moved back down the next year that was annoying and after years of emailing them to fix that they finally did so you never know.

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as a commish, I'll just set it to "All..." because i don't want to have to micro-manage and if any team makes a mistake (not often), I'll just remind them to not do that.

as Henry said, if a guy traded was on a taxi, he's allowed to stay taxi, up to and including 3 years of experience.

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