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Victory Point Tiers - Adjust after league size rules have been updated

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I did a search and didn't see anything.  Did we adjust these tiers for the victor point scoring? 


5.4.3 Victory Points (VP's) High Scores
Additional Weekly VP's distribution for the total high scores for the week is divided into a 3-bucket tier with the top 5 weekly team scores receiving 2 VP's, the middle 6 weekly scoring teams receiving 1 VP and the lowest scoring 5 teams receive 0 VP's. Detailed breakdown is below.


Top point scoring team - 2 VP's

No.2 point scoring team - 2 VP's

No.3 point scoring team - 2 VP's

No.4 point scoring team - 2 VP's

No.5 point scoring team - 2 VP

No.6 point scoring team - 1 VP

No.7 point scoring team - 1 VP

No.8 point scoring team - 1 VP

No.9 point scoring team - 1 VP

No.10 point scoring team - 1 VP

No.11 point scoring team - 1 VP

No.12 point scoring team - 0 VP

No.13 point scoring team - 0 VP

No.14 point scoring team - 0 VP

No.15 point scoring team - 0 VP

No.16 point scoring team - 0 VP

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The MFL site does the setting for you and I don't believe you have an option to adjust it.  It has top 4 teams get 2 VP's and bottom 4 get 0 VP's the other 6 get 1 VP.  5, 4, 5 seemed to make more sense to me but that is not an option that I know of.  Here is the breakdown.


Top point scoring team - 2 VP's

No.2 point scoring team - 2 VP's

No.3 point scoring team - 2 VP's

No.4 point scoring team - 2 VP's

No.5 point scoring team - 1 VP

No.6 point scoring team - 1 VP

No.7 point scoring team - 1 VP

No.8 point scoring team - 1 VP

No.9 point scoring team - 1 VP

No.10 point scoring team - 1 VP

No.11 point scoring team - 0 VP

No.12 point scoring team - 0 VP

No.13 point scoring team - 0 VP

No.14 point scoring team - 0 VP



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Thanks Henry!  I just wanted to make sure that the tiers got adjusted and it seems they did. My concern was that the top or bottom tier was going to be heavy because we didn’t readjust it but that’s not the case. All good here, thanks! 

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Rules updated


Posted June 2 (edited)

Live and Let Dy (LLD) Rulebook (2019)

1. League

1.1 League Size
The Live and Let Dy (LLD) Dynasty League will consist of 14 franchises with each owner maintaining the same team each year. No owner will be allowed to have more than one team in the league.

1.2 League Sites
The league will be maintained through the site My Fantasy League (MFL) - Each season the MFL league fee will be paid from the league fees collected from LeagueSafe. If possible, this league fee should be paid prior to June 9th, which is typically the cutoff date to save $20.00, although this discount and due date are subject to change every season. If a discount is received, the current 2012 MFL fee is $69.95 and can be paid directly from LeagueSafe if the proper funds have already been collected. If not, then the MFL fee can be paid by credit card, PayPal or by check via snail mail.

The LLD league forum (message board) will be located at The Huddle forums at

LeagueSafe - will be used to secure and pay out all league funds with the exception of those owners who cannot use the site. These exceptions include owners who do not have a U.S. bank account. Separate payment plans via PayPal or Money Orders paid to the commissioner or treasurer will be made. In the event that any of the team owners wins prizes and is not using LeagueSafe, then the owed winnings will be paid out to the commissioner from LeagueSafe. Afterwards, the commissioner will make arrangements with the winning owners to pay them from the winnings collected from LeagueSafe through other means such as PayPal or a mailed money order.

1.3 League Calendar

  • December 31 - December 31 or after the league Championship game completes, any player with 2 years or less remaining on his contract for the current season may be dropped without any cap hit until the Monday, 11:59 PM ET the day after the NFL Super Bowl.

    February - Contract rollover: Each player's contract is reduced by one year. (This will be done as soon as the new year MFL site opens in February each season).  Trading opens for all teams once the new year site has opened.

    February 28 - Deadline to declare whether owners are returning for the new season. Failure to declare one way or the other will prompt for a new replacement to be sought. League activities will be put on-hold and postponed until a new replacement owner is found.

    March 1st - League fees are due.

    March 1st – Every team that has paid their league dues receives their $50 Bond Buck (league money) allocation.

    March 1st - 3 LLD $'s are awarded to each of the 2 previous season division winners.

    March 21st - One week of free agency begins (only FA period prior to NFL Draft). The last new free agency auction that can be started is on March 27th @ 11:59 PM ET.

    March 21st - Franchise tags must be posted in the league forum by 10 PM ET on March 21st.

    March 21st  Franchise players will be posted and be put up for bid 1 player at a time.  Blind Bids for Franchise Tagged players to submitted to at deadline listed for each player with deadline to accept franchise bids to be posted for each player.  Players will be posted every other day to bidding and owners of players will get 24 hours to accept a deal on their player.

    April – RFA will begin either on April 1st or the day after all the franchise players are completed whichever is later.  The exact day RFA will start will be posted in the forum once known for that year.  Any new RFA auction thread must be posted in the forum by April 30th 11:59 PM ET.

    May 1st - End of Restricted Free Agency (RFA) Period @ 12:00 AM EDT

    May 17th - Rookie Draft begins 3 weeks after the NFL Draft on a Friday @ 6:00 PM EDT.

    June 1 - Free Agency (FA) opens and lasts until Week 16, Saturday @ 11:59 PM EDT

    Monday before 1st game - Final Roster cut down @ 11:59 PM EDT (Maximums: 20 active, 3 IR, 7 DTS)

    November 16th – Trade deadline is Saturday, November 18th 11:59 PM EDT. (Week 11)

    Week 16, Saturday @ Week 16, Saturday @ 11:59 PM EST, the deadline for submitting new bids for free agents.


1.4 Conferences and Divisions
The LLD Dynasty League will consist of 1 Conference, containing two (2) Divisions. Each Division will consist of seven (7) teams.

1.5 League Duties

1.5.1 The League Commissioner  Berlin
The Commissioner is responsible for conducting league business, arbitrating league disputes, and the running of all drafts. The League Commissioner will be required to be completely MFL conversant prior to each season starting, must setup MFL andn pay for MFL league fees from LeagueSafe fees collected. The League Commissioner will ensure that the Assistant Commissioner has the current MFL site password.

1.5.2 The Assistant League Commissioner  LordOpie
The Assistant Commissioner is responsible for communicating league concerns and business to the Commissioner and intervening in transactions that involve the league Commissioner. If either the Commissioner or the Roster Management Commissioner is out of contact for any length of time, the Assistant Commissioner will attend to their duties in their absence. As a result, the Assistant Commissioner is also required to be conversant with MFL. The Assistant Commissioner is directly responsible to the League Commissioner.

1.5.3 Treasurer  Berlin
The Treasurer will set up and maintain the league PayPal account (or LeagueSafe if we go that route), receive and record all league fees, and be responsible for league pay outs. The Treasurer is directly responsible to the League Commissioner.

1.5.4 Roster Management Commissioner  Berlin
The Roster Management Commissioner (RMC) will maintain a list of all teams and their available league money in the form of LLD Pounds (LLD $) that are posted in the LLD forum. The RMC will handle all transactions (waivers and trades). The RMC will be responsible for ensuring that neither waiver bids nor trades violate roster or LLD $ limits. The RMS will also track player contracts and ensure that all rosters stay at or below the contract cap after any transactions. As a result, the RMC is required to be conversant with the MFL Software in order to maintain the proper areas of the MFL League Site. The RMC is directly responsible to the Assistant League Commissioner and ultimately to the League Commissioner.

1.5.5 Roster Management Assistant Commissioner - LordOpie
The Roster Management Assistant Commissioner (RMAC) will assist in handling all of the same duties as the RMC. The RMAC is directly responsible to the RMC and ultimately to the League Commissioner.

1.6 League Rules

1.6.1 Rule Changes
League Rules will be reviewed annually during the month of March. Major rule changes can only be made through a league-wide vote requiring 57% (8) yes votes for passage. In-season votes, though discouraged, require 10 yes votes to pass (only to be used in extreme situations).
Votes will normally be conducted at the LLD forum site located at Off-season votes are due within 7 days of posting at the forum. In-season votes are due within 48 hours of the time posted at the forum. During these time frames, if the required votes are not cast, the time frame will not be extended and the vote will be considered to have failed.

1.6.2 Commissioner Rulings
Any decision made by The League Commissioner will be posted on the message board immediately and may be brought to a vote if two or more owners request a league wide vote. Nine votes will be required to overturn a Commissioner ruling.

1.7 League Costs / Payments

1.7.1 League Costs
The cost of a LLD franchise will be $55. Out of the $50 amount, $700 goes towards league prizes and $5 goes towards the MFL annual fee. 

League total payouts - $700
MFL fee - $70

Note: The MFL fee is subject to change every season. If a MFL cost increase occurs, then the treasurer will post this information in the forum and a vote will be made whether to increase the league fee to cover the MFL costs or to change the prize distribution. If a majority vote is not reached in 7 days of the post, then the treasurer and/or the commissioner will make an executive decision to change the prize distribution at their discretion as necessary in order to ensure that the MFL fee is covered from the league fees.

The official league payment method will be acceppted through Each season the treasurer will setup LeagueSafe and invite each owner. All that is required to use LeagueSafe is a U.S. bank account. If a team owner does not have a U.S. bank account, then payment arrangemetns should be made with the team owner should contact the treasurer and setup payment arrangements via Pay Pal, Money Order, or Check. Those using MO's or Checks must remit their payment to the League Treasurer 10 days prior the payment deadline to allow for clearance. The payment deadline each year will be midnight Eastern Time on March 1st. Non-payment within seven days will result in the owner being replaced.

1.7.2 League Payouts
Pay out will be 100% of franchise fees. All payouts will occur within seven days of the Week 16 Super Bowl unless the owner cannot be paid out from LeagueSafe and other payment arrangments must be made that require more than 7 days. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams will be rewarded in addition to Week 1-13’s high scorers. Payments may be rounded to the nearest $1 where appropriate.

The current payout of the franchise fees will be:

Champion - $360
2nd Place - $155
3rd Place - $55
Weekly Skins (13 x $10) - $130
Total $700.00

My Fantasy League (MFL) fee - 14 x $5 = $70.00

1.7.3 Weekly Skins
Every week, the league's high scorer will be awarded $10 to be claimed at the end of the season from the league treasurer, or used as credit towards the following season's entry fee. The weekly skins award does not apply to playoff weeks.

2 Franchise Ownership

2.1 General
An owner may not own more than one franchise. Owners can name their franchise whatever they choose; however no owner may use language considered obscene, offensive, or insensitive. The League Commissioner will have the final say on what is allowed and what is not. Owners are encouraged to name their franchise using the James Bond theme under which the league has been created.

2.2 Cost
The cost of an LLD franchise will be $50 + $5 for MFL Fees + any relevant payment fees (i.e. PayPal). The official league payment method will be one of three ways: Pay Pal, Money Order, or Check. Those using MO's or Checks must remit their payment to the League Treasurer 10 days prior the payment deadline to allow for clearance.  The payment deadline each year will be 11:59 PM EDT March 1st.

Absent extreme circumstances, such as a medical emergency, no refunds of league fees will be given out. Paying league fees implies a commitment to run the team for the full season. LeagueSafe does not permit money to be paid out until the end of the season, so if an owner needs their money back under an extreme circumstance, the owner will need to request their money from LeagueSafe. The League Commissioner may assist, but is not responsible if the money is not paid back prior to the end of the season.

2.3 Owner Replacement
If an owner chooses to leave the league or doesn’t submit a lineup for two consecutive weeks during the season, or isn’t heard from during the RFA signing period, a replacement owner will be sought. Replacements will be recruited from persons known from The Huddle. (All replacement owner functions will be handled by private, league-wide, email and will not be discussed on the forum or at the MFL site.)

Once the League Commissioner has received confirmation of a person’s interest, a league-wide email will be sent for a "Replacement Owner Vote". A vote of 8 remaining league owners will be required to approve any replacement owner. If that is not reached, the search for a replacement owner will continue using the same format. Under no circumstances will the BB Dynasty League require any prospective replacement owners to submit an "application" or "resume" for inclusion in the league.

Owners conducting themselves in a way perceived to be detrimental to the good of the league may be removed by a vote of 9 owners.

In the event that multiple teams are abandoned, the topic will be discussed and decided on the league’s Huddle forum. The Commissioner has final say in any discrepancies that arise regarding the search for replacement owners.

3 Franchise Management

3.1 Bond Bucks (BB)
Bond Bucks are the official currency of the LLD Dynasty League. Bond Bucks are used to bid on Free Agents (FA's) and Restricted Free Agents (RFA's) and may also be used in trade situations. Bond Bucks not used during the season are carried over to the following season.Each team will be awarded 50 $DAD's when the new season opens.  Each division winner will be awarded three (3) additional BB's when BB's are credited the following March. BB balances will be maintained on the LLD forum, and excess BB's at the end of each season are carried over to the next season. 

At the beginning of our first season, all franchises will be awarded 50 BB's.

3.2 Rosters

3.2.1 In-Season
Each franchise will maintain an in-season active roster with a maximum of 20 players (Not including DTS or IR). It is the owner’s decision on how many players to carry at each position.

3.2.2 Off-Season
During the off-season (day after the fantasy Super Bowl, there will be no roster size limitation until the first Monday prior to the first game of the NFL, in which final rosters must be declared.

3.2.3 Final Roster Declaration
The final cut down date will be Labor day the Monday before the first NFL regular season game at 11:59 PM EDT. Each team must designate a max 20 active players, 7 DTS players, and up to 3 IR players. On, or prior, to final cut down day, each owner must post a message in the league forum listing his roster, which will include all active players, DTS players, and IR players (if any). Each owner must also indicate contract years for each player on their roster excluding taxi squad players. If a team does not meet this deadline, a penalty of one (1) BB will be imposed. If final cuts aren’t made within 24 hours of the first NFL game of the new season, a new owner may be sought.

3.3 Developmental Taxi Squad (DTS)

3.3.1 Limits
Each franchise will be allocated a Developmental Taxi Squad (DTS) containing up to 7 players. Players on a team's DTS in a prior year, along with any rookie additions, may be placed on the DTS. A player may remain on the DTS for a maximum of 3 years. The deadline for announcing DTS players will be in accordance with rule 3.2.3 final roster declaration. Any player on an active roster after the final roster declaration is no longer eligible to be placed on any team's DTS. For the first season, any player with less than three years NFL experience may be placed on the DTS. This exemption does not allow players to stay on the DTS past their third year of NFL duty.

3.3.2 Activation
Players on the DTS are not eligible to start a game until they are moved onto the active roster. During the season players may be moved from the DTS to the active roster. The Roster Management Commissioner must be notified if a DTS player is to be put onto an active roster and the contract years assigned by posting on the message board. Players that are moved from the DTS to an active roster must immediately be given a contract and are now available to be in the weekly line-up. DTS players that are accidentally submitted into a starting line-up will be removed and that team will get 0 points from that position.  If at end of season a DTS player was moved to the roster during the season and the owner never declared a contract this player will be given a contract of 0 and be a RFA the next season.

3.3.3 Miscellaneous
DTS players do not participate in RFA. FA’s may be placed directly onto the DTS providing they are in their rookie year and have never been on any LLD Active Roster. Traded players may be put onto the DTS only if they were on the other teams DTS before the trade. The DTS concludes at the end of the playoffs. Once a player has reached their limit of being on the DTS, the owner must add them back to their roster before the final roster deadline before the season starts that will make them ineligible for DTS or that player will dropped from any team's roster by the Commissioner.

3.4 Contracts

3.4.1 Contract Cap
Each franchise has a contract cap of 50 years which cannot be exceeded (Exception being empty roster spots under rule 3.4.4). A player contract is the number of years that the player can remain on your roster without becoming a free agent. The deadline for announcing the length of new player contracts will be the same as the final roster declaration (as specified in 3.2.3). No team will be permitted to make any transaction that places them over the contract cap.

3.4.2 Dead Contract Years
Players dropped during the year will continue to count one (1) year against the owner's contract cap unless they are acquired by another team. Any player dropped with 3 or more years remaining on his contract will also count one year against the owner's contract cap for the following season, regardless of whether or not they are picked up by another team. Dead contracts will be tracked on the MFL main page by the Roster Management Commissioner (RMC). Contract year penalties for the next season will be tracked in the LLD forum in a pinned thread by the RMC.

3.4.3 Annual Adjustments
Contract years conclude after the NFL Super Bowl concludes and when MFL officially makes the change on the new site which is usually sometime in the month of February. All players who had only one (1) year remaining on their contracts in the previous season and now have zero (0) years and become restricted free agents. All players who have multiple contract years remaining will be reduced by one (1) contract year. After MFL makes the change on the new site, all teams recover any dead years encumbered by players waived during the year.

3.4.4 Miscellaneous
Free agents acquired during the season must either be assigned to a contract or placed on the taxi squad within 24 hours of winning the auction bid. If there are less than 24 hours before the acquired player's NFL game, then the new contract must be assigned prior to the NFL game kickoff; otherwise, the free agent will not be placed on the roster and cannot be started unless the player acquired has an assigned contract. Owners may assign a contract by posting in the same Free Agent forum thread the contract length.

3.5 Injured Reserve

3.5.1 Limits
Each team has a maximum of three (3) Injured Reserve (IR) slots. A player can only be IR'd if he has a valid contract.  Once a player is placed on IR, the player will remain on on IR for the duration of the season unless they are re-activated by their NFL team.  Once a player is placed on IR, the club can pick up another player but they must go through the Free Agent channel as with any other pick up. Any player picked up in free agency that is already on IR is not eligible to be placed on IR. That player must remain on your active roster.

3.5.2 Dropping IR Players
Any player dropped from IR falls under waiver rules at the point he is dropped. If an IR player is dropped to the waiver wire, seven (7) days of the drop must pass, before the player is eligible to be reacquired by the dropping owner.

3.5.3 Eligibility
A player qualifies for the IR by being placed on the IR officially by My Fantasy League (MFL) . If for some reason a player has been placed on IR by the NFL and not MFL, then those cases will be reviewed on an individual basis, but the default rule is to go with the MFL site.

3.5.4 Contract Implications
When placed on IR, the player's current contract year, which is always one (1) year is credited to the team and all future contract years will continue to count against the franchise's contract ceiling. A -1 Dead Year will be added to the team's contracts in MFL by the RMC and/or RMAC. After the February roll over deadline which reduces contracts years for all active roster players, all players on IR will become part of the regular/active roster. Because the contract year was credited to the team when that player was placed on IR, there will be no contract credit given during the February  contract roll over.

3.6 Franchise Tags
The purpose of the Franchise tag is so that a team may retain one (1) player whose contract has expired. Players that have the franchise tag placed on them can still be obtained by other teams via trades, but the same franchise tag remains, although years can be added to the contract through a trade only by paying 15 BB's per year added. In addition, franchised tag players can be acquired through a Franchise Tag blind bidding process, in which owners of Franchise Players can decide on what compensation package (by the bid) that they want to receive if they decide to let a franchised player walk. The cost of the tag is all the team will have to put forward to keep their franchised player unless they want to let him go for compensation.

3.6.1 Franchise Tag Limits
Each year an owner may designate one (1) player whose contract has expired to be their Franchise Player. Players can only be tagged for two (2) consecutive years, no matter if they change teams. The deadline for assigning the Franchise Tag to one of the players on your franchise is March 21st at 10 PM EDT and must be posted in the LLD forum. The Franchise Tag is a designation that only has relevance during the RFA Period in April and to indicate if a player is eligible to receive the Franchise Tag again.

3.6.2 Franchise Tag Cost
The cost to franchise a player for the first year is $15 BB's. The cost to franchise that same player for the second year is $20 BB;s. These costs are not refundable.

3.6.3 Bidding on a Franchise Player

Each of the other 13 owners can submit a blind bid offer to attempt to acquire a franchise player from his owner. Blind Bids on franchise players are only for the franchise player and cannot include other players that the current franchise player team has. Each player will be put up for bid 1 at a time giving teams approx 48 hours to bid on them.  Anyone who wants to place 1 bid on that player will make a blind bid.  Team owner of the blind bid player will 1 day to accept 1 of the bids.  A new player is put up for bid at this time.  Anyone who wants to place 1 bid on that player will make a blind bid.  So on and so forth until all players are done.  The bidding will end every other day at 10 PM ET.

You place a bid by sending an email to  If you send multiple offers only the last offer will be used.


None of the franchise players can be used as part of a blind bid to bid on another franchise player.

All assets that are traded for a franchise player can not be re-used for any of the other franchise players.

3.6.4 Reviewing and Processing Bids for Franchise Players

Team owner of the blind bid player will have 1 day to accept 1 of the bids ending at 10 PM ET of the selected day.  If an owner does not respond by this deadline, that is considered a choice to keep the franchise player by default. Once the blind bids are posted, Franchise Players will not be able to be traded until the owner decides to keep the player or let him go for the compensation package of one of the blind bids. The owner of the franchised player then has two options:

If the owner decides to keep their Franchise Player, they keep them at no additional cost then what the Franchise Tag cost was and they will automatically be given a 1 year contract.

If a team decides it is willing to let its Franchise Player go for compensation, they must post their intentions in the Commissioners LLD forum thread with the accepted Blind Bid and state which team they are going to let their Franchise Player go to and in turn accept that teams compensation package. The winning team will then be able to assign the Franchise Player any length contract they desire (contracts will be assigned according to "rule number for contract deadlines". When a team lets their Franchise Player go they will immediately receive the $LLD portion of that bid (if there was a $LLD bid) and will be assigned the appropriate draft picks and/or players from the team that is acquiring the Franchise Player.


3.6.5 Dropping a Franchise Player
There is no penalty to the owner for dropping a franchise player. A dropped franchise player is still considered a franchise player, meaning that the player can still only be tagged no more than two years in a row.

4 Roster Moves

4.1 Free Agency

4.1.1 Eligibility
Any player not on a LLD Dynasty League roster or Developmental Taxi Squad is considered a Free Agent.

4.1.2 Schedule
Free Agency means that bids can be made for free agents. There are two (2) Free agency (FA) periods. The first FA period begins on March 21st at 12:00 AM EST and lasts for one (1) week, thus ending on March 27th at 11:59 PM EST. The second FA period begins on June 1st. The deadline for submitting new bids for free agents is 11:59 PM EDT on the Saturday before week 16.  No rookies can be bid on until the rookie draft is completed.  If any rookies are bid on before the rookie draft is completed the bids will be cancelled.

4.1.3 FA Bid Process
The FA weekly process will be conducted in an open bidding manner. LLD Bond Bucks are used to bid on free agents. The minimum FA bid is one (1) BB. Teams may only bid up to the amount of BB's that they have available. A bid placed by an owner that exceeds his/her BB balance will be nullified and the FA bid process will go back to the previous high bidder and time stamp. In the case there is no previous bid the thread will be closed. Bids must be in whole number increments.


Bids for free agents must be submitted via the Ages forum. If a thread does not already exist for the desired player, the owner will create a new thread for that player. The thread title should be in one of the preferred following formats


FA Bid - Randy Moss NE WR or FA Bid - Moss, Randy NE WR

FA19 Bid -  Randy Moss NE WR or FA Bid - Moss, Randy NE WR

LLD FA Bid - Randy Moss NE WR or LLD FA Bid - Moss, Randy NE WR


A bid amount in BB's must be posted in the body of the thread.




The auction for that player will be declared over once the inactivity threshold for that thread has been reached. The inactivity threshold during the offseason is 48 hours, and the inactivity threshold during the season is 24 hours. This inactivity threshold is from the timestamp of the last bid and does NOT require the RMC or RMAC to validate it. Each owner has the ability to make a higher bid on any player being bid on prior to this threshold, as long as they have the available BB's to make a valid bid. For the purposes of timing on processing bids, the regular season officially begins on Labor Day, meaning that any auctions with bids made on or after Labor Day fall under the 24 hour inactivity threshold.

4.1.4 Winning a bid

Once the inactivity threshold on an auction thread for a player is met, the owner with the highest bid has the rights to that player. During the off-season, that player will be immediately moved to the roster.
In-Season - If the acquired player is a rookie the player will be placed on the team's DTS by default if there is less than 7 players currently on the DTS.
Free agents acquired during the regular season must either be assigned to a contract or placed on the taxi squad within 48 hours of the auction closing and the owner must also indicate which player (if any) is being dropped to make room on the roster. If the player has a game within 48 hours the owner must sign him before the game begins in order to have him eligible to play in that game, otherwise the free agent will not be placed on the roster and cannot be started unless the player acquired has an assigned contract. Owners may assign a contract by posting in the same Free Agent forum thread the contract length.
If no contract is assigned prior to the 48 hour deadline the following will occur.
There will be a 1 BB penalty immediately.

If the player is not a rookie or the DTS is full the team will pay an additional 1 BB penalty every 24 hours until room is made on the DTS or the player is assigned a contract and room is made on the active roster for the newly won player.

If the owner runs out of BB money and cannot pay the penalty, a negative balance will remain and the debt will be paid out once the owner's league account has the necessary funds.

There is no option for the owner to not accept the player won. The only time this option would ever be considered by the commissioner or league is if the owner had to be replaced.


4.1.5 Regular Season Timing of Free Agent Acquisitions
The deadline by which a free agent can be added to an owner's roster prior to that weekend's NFL games is up until kickoff of the player's NFL game kickoff. To meet this deadline, the auction for that player must be closed, the player must have a contract length posted in the forum and assigned, and a player must be dropped from the owner's roster to avoid violating roster limits (if necessary). The RMC and RMAC will add the player to the owner's roster once these conditions are met. If the team owner has posted everything correctly in time, and the RMC and RMAC will not have time to add the player to the roster, the owner must post their intention to play that newly acquired player in the forum before kickoff of that player's game.  The newly acquired player will be added as soon as the League Commissioner as able and the scores will be manually adjusted if needed by the League Commissioner.

4.2 Waivers

4.2.1 Contracts for Waived Players
When a player is put on waivers, only his current contract year is counted against a franchise's contract ceiling. A team can only get relief for a contract after he is assigned a new contract by any team. All future contract years for players that are waived are then credited to the team.

4.2.2 Reclaiming Waived Players
If a franchise waives a player and wishes to reclaim that player, the player in question must clear waivers after one week. (The releasing team cannot place a bid on the waived player until 7 days have passed.) If the owner is successful in reclaiming their player, they can place a new contract on the player and any cap hit for that same player for this year is removed (but a future year cap hit still stands).

4.2.3 Dead Contracts
Players who are waived and not signed by any other team during the year will each count as one year against the waiving team's contract ceiling until end of season. This 'cap hit' includes players waived during the off-season - even if the player retires or is physically unable to perform. Teams have until midnight Eastern on the Monday following the NFL Super Bowl each year to waive players in order to avoid having contract years count against them for the upcoming year.

4.3 Trading

4.3.1 Process
Trades between teams are unlimited. When a trade is proposed, the following will occur:
A. Offering owner must offer the trade using MFL.
B. Accepting owner must accept the trade using MFL.
C. Offering owner and/or Accepting owner posts the trade in the LLD forum.
D. Offering owner by posting the trade in LLD forum is posting acceptance of the trade. (They do not need to post "accept")
E. Accepting owner posts acceptance of the trade in LLD forum.
F. Roster Management Commissioner will verify that the correct process has been followed and that no roster/contract violations will occur as a result of the trade. If any violations occur, the RMC will inform both owners in the trade thread what corrections must be made or why the trade cannot be processed. Once all trade requirements are met, the RMC will process the trade.

Any trade involving the Roster Management Commissioner may be adjudicated by the League Commissioner if it is deemed necessary by the commissioner.

All BB $ transactions that are included in any trade will be effective immediately upon Roster Manager Commissioner’s processing of the trade. Trades will not be approved if the team offering the BB $ does not have the amount of BB $ being offered. No "future" BB $ will be allowed in any trade.

4.3.2 Deadlines
The weekly trading deadline is before the start of that week's NFL games that affects the traded players. The season trading deadline is the Saturday @ 11:59 PM EDT before the start of the week 11 NFL games. Trades will not be considered "official" until the LLD Player Commissioner has reviewed the trade and processed.

The LLD trading period resumes when the new year MFL site is made.

4.3.3 Trading and Contracts
Traded players contracts will be counted against the total years available to his NEW team and removed from his prior team. Any exchange of players between teams cannot leave either team with more than 50 total contract years for all players or exceed the maximum 20 man roster. If any trade violates this rule, the Player Commissioner will delay the trade until such time as the affected teams can make room under the contract/roster cap.

Owners also have the option of restructuring contracts of newly acquired players by paying 15 BB's per additional year they would like to add to the contract. Contract extensions must be posted into the trade thread of that trade in the league forum within 48 hours of being accepted. If the extension is not posted into the forum within that time frame, then the original contract of the player will remain in place.


Contracts of RFA players cannot be extended. Only players with 1 or more years on their contract can be extended.

4.3.4 Trading Draft Picks
Teams may trade picks from the current draft and the next immediate future draft only. If at any time a trade will result in an owner having fewer than one pick in the first three rounds OR less than 4 picks total (draft is currently set for 5 rounds) in the next year's draft, then the league dues for that year will be required from that owner before the trade is processed. The Roster Management Commissioner will put the trade on hold until treasurer confirms that all fees are received.

4.2.5 Vetoing Trades
If any trade appears to be so one-sided or otherwise unfair that it threatens to jeopardize the integrity of the league, the league owners may be asked to vote whether or not to approve the transaction. A simple majority of 8 votes is required for a challenged trade to be negated or accepted.

A vote will be required for any trade when the Commissioner or Roster Management Commissioner request a vote. In addition, a vote will be required if 3 requests by post in the league forum are made within 24 hours of the trade.

5 League Play

5.1 Schedule
The length of the regular season will be 13 weeks. Weekly league games will be played head-to-head against opposing franchises. Each team must play all of the teams in their division twice in the season on non-bye weeks.

5.2 Weekly Lineups
Each Franchise may start up to 9 players each week in accordance with the line-up guidelines below:

1 QB
1 RB
2 WR
1 TE
2 Flex (RB/WR/TE)
1 K
1 Def/ST

5.3 Lineup Submission
The deadline for naming starters is set by MFL rules, but generally a player is locked approximately one (1) minute before kick-off. On Thursday night games, only those players in that night's game must be submitted. The rest of the lineup will not be due until approximately one minute prior to each player's game kickoff; however it is good practice to set your lineup 5 minutes before kickoff since MFL's clock and your clock may not be synchronized.

If no lineup is submitted, the lineup for that week will default to the previous week’s lineup. Every effort should be made to submit a complete lineup each week throughout the season. Owners continuously submitting line-ups with bye or out players will be subject to replacement under rule 2.3.

Players can only be inserted into a starting line-up at a position for which they are listed on their NFL teams depth chart. The official source for player positions will be MFL.

5.4 Victory Points and Scoring

5.4.1 Victory Points (VP's)
Victory Points (VP's) uses a point system that awards both head to head (H2H) wins and weekly high scores. The League standings are kept with league points instead of wins and losses. Each team will earn a total of 4, 3, 2, 1, or 0 VP's each week based on the criteria below in rules 5.4.2 and 5.4.3. The weekly league standings will be based on the amount of total Victory Points each team has accumulated to date.

5.4.2 Victory Points (VP's) Head-to-head (H2H)

Each week every team plays one (1) H2H game.

Each weekly H2H Win earns 2 VP's

Each weekly H2H tie earns 1 VP

Each weekly H2H Loss earns 0 VP's


5.4.3 Victory Points (VP's) High Scores
Additional Weekly VP's distribution for the total high scores for the week is divided into a 3-bucket tier with the top 4 weekly team scores receiving 2 VP's, the middle 6 weekly scoring teams receiving 1 VP and the lowest scoring 4 teams receive 0 VP's. Detailed breakdown is below.


No.1 point scoring team - 2 VP's

No.2 point scoring team - 2 VP's

No.3 point scoring team - 2 VP's

No.4 point scoring team - 2 VP's

No.5 point scoring team - 1 VP

No.6 point scoring team - 1 VP

No.7 point scoring team - 1 VP

No.8 point scoring team - 1 VP

No.9 point scoring team - 1 VP

No.10 point scoring team - 1 VP

No.11 point scoring team - 0 VP

No.12 point scoring team - 0 VP

No.13 point scoring team - 0 VP

No.14 point scoring team - 0 VP

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