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I also like the NFL Network commercial where the football players are picking teams and Akers is the last guy, "You guys need a kicker"- but they'd rather have the lawn guy. :D


and oh, yeah :D 2

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My favorite commercial isn't football related, but funny as any I've ever seen.  It's the one with the 2 guys in the office dancing, and the Asian guy holding the radio.  Someone walks in and asks them a question.  They get on the cell phone and then the laptop and answer the guy.  When they answer the question the Asian guy hits play on the radio and the other 2 guys start dancing again.  That comercial is least to me.







I totally agree. Definitely the funniest in a long time. Those guys dancing are hilarious!


And thanks for the link BiggieFries. I just watched about five times in a row. :D:DB)

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