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Seahawks/Cowboys Sigline bet!


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The sig line is limited to 480 characters "Bonehead", yours is 756. :doah:


Kidding aside, I enjoyed the jostling too. Congrats on your win. You know you had given up after that fumble though! You gotta admit that was the most improbable win you could have possibly imagined. But, a win nonetheless. Props to your D they bailed you out all day! :D


Now get busy fixing that sig line so it will fit and if (IF) we meet in the playoffs we'll surely be back at it again agreed? :D


Oh and by the way I was dead nuts on SAlex's can't run against the boys. 65 of which 11 on that final drive!

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Ok now that you've looked it up and found out that I'm right. Get cracken. Go on now. :D  :D


F..it I'm going to bed. I'll put it up in the morning.

Seahawks fan. darn the luck.







Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Less talkin', more postin'. :D


Ahhhh, now don't that look PURTY!

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Credit to Holmgren and his secondary for doing their homework, and Bill less predictability would be nice. That sideline route worked against the Giants in 2003 but it was to A. Bryant and he should have known they new it too. Bad decision. :D


We should have ran the ball down your throat on 4th down and made you go 99 yards to win if we got stuffed.


M. Barber 95 yards rushing (1st year ROOKIE), S. Alexander AKA best running back in the league, 61 total yards rushing. Now who's rushing D is "ROCK SOLID? :doah:

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