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There's clutter, and then there's clutter!


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This is Oprahing crazy. I'm no neat freak, but this just amazes me. Check out the story. http://www.local6.com/news/5917330/detail.html


I've never witnessed anything like this, but I've known people who live in utter filth. You know the people with way to many pets, cats chitting and pissing in the corners, garbage everywhere?


Any hoo, don't let this happen to you! :D

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That reminds me of the Simpson episode where Skinner is trapped in his garage with all the newspapers dribbling a basketball to keep his sanity!


It also reminds me of my grandma's house. I couldn't tell you what it is like now (because I stopped going over there several years ago because I couldn't stand it) but I am sure it is worse than ever. My mom went over there to try and clean a little and my grandma yelled at here saying that she knew whrre everything was! Maybe I should print this out and give it to her the next time that I see her!

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I AM a neat freak so you can imagine my reaction. We had a next door neighboor in an apt complex and complained extensively about an odor coming from the apt next door, until finally maintanence had to enter the apt to replace some windows. What they found was trash and everything you could imagine to the ceiling, he had one path through the WHOLE apt. I was the most disgusting thing I ever saw. He didn't throw anything away. Yeah, I moved s month later. I couldn't stand knowing I was living next door to the world's biggest slob. They did clean it out and threw away everything and kicked his butt to the curb.



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