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Auction Dynasty League

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I'm in a dynasty/Auction league in which we have 1000 points to work with. You can have seven players on multi year contracts, followed by four players that you can restrict, so they are basically in the draft, but I have final say if I want him or not.

I feel that most people are going to keep there runningbacks, and restricted rb's and rookies are going to go way over there value do to the scarcity of the players.


My question is this- Do I call out my own RFA early in the draft early in the draft using the stategy that the majority of the owners may want to save there money for a sexier rookie rb...



Or do I see how long my RFA will slide, and hope that no owner needing a rb has the cap available to draft him?

The problem I see with this is there could be several owners needing a runningback, and none availble, so he goes way over his value...


We start 2 runningbacks, 3 receivers, and one flex, which can be a qb/rb/wr/te


on a 1000 point cap I have

Droughns at $1

Gore at $5

K. Jones at $295

W. McGahee at $303

M. Turner at $1

A. Bolden at $25

D. Jackson at $30

M. Harrison at $160


as of right now, im planning on restricting McGahee and Jones, and trying to get them at a lower cost.

Since I have Droughns, Gore, Bolden, and Jackson at extremley low contracts, do I just go ahead and keep McGahee at 303 this year, and restrict K. Jones?

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hard to answer without seeing all the rosters and knowing what RBs will be out there. that said, it is hard to believe mcgahee or kj going for one-third of the total points for a roster. i guess that could be the case if they are the ONLY two left and everyone has a bunch of free money ... i can't see this, so i'm guessing that cutting them loose and getting them back if you need to would be a good strategy.

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most teams are set up at runningback... There are two guys that only have a combined 3, maybe 4 runningbacks on there team this year, plus the rookie crop thats incoming, but everyone is going to go after those guys.



well, if you are going to be without a quality #1 RB because they are all gone, you could keep mcgahee and pair him with droughns. that frees up the KJ money to try and pull in more bargains. you also have to consider if you are going for it this season vs. playing for the future, because they may lead you to cut them both and free up 600 points to stock up on young players ...



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I've entertained the idea of keeping McGahee for a year or two, trying to keep Jones if the price is right or go after one of the rookie backs that I want...


Its strange because everyone in my league is going into there second year of the Dynasty/Auction, so no one knows what to expect.

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