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When to start drafting a Defense and backups?


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I am in a 12 team non-keeper league.....2 RBs and 3 WRs start, 1 QB, 1 TE, 1 DEF, 1 K

Just curious on opinions about when to start drafting a Defense and backup players....

I know that it depends on who is available.....but let's say I have already picked the best available players and

my roster looks like this after 9 rounds:


3 RBs

4 WRs

1 QB

1 TE


Just for a basis------would you get a 5th WR, 2nd QB, or 4th RB? and how would you base your decision?

Also, when do you go for a "so-called" top 4 or 5 defense???? As soon as the Defenses start being drafted by someone else?.....someone always takes a Def too early though...?

Just curious on opinions for how people would start filling their rosters after rounds 8 or 9.......

My league drafts for 20 rounds.

Thanks for the help!

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it's obviously a tough question to answer because that deep in the draft you are looking for the most value. i could take any player at that point if i felt like the value was high enough and that the player was being overlooked. having said that, given the situation you list, i would probably be thinking about my backup QB at that point. i usually never take a defense or a kicker until the last rounds because i would much prefer to load up on as many position players as possible. unless i'm required, i also don't draft any backup defenses or kickers ... to me, that is a waste of a draft spot.

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Unless your league plays Team QB's, I would probably go that route depending on who is still on the board and how many serviceable starting QB's are left to cover your bye week or catastrophic injury to your starter. I do like Carolina's defense this year and they would be a solid 9th or 10th round pick. They have a Week 9 Bye, which gives you a chance to evaluate and pick up a bye week defense late in the year. I have never drafted a back-up Kicker or Defense in any of my 12 years of playing FF. That's what the waiver wire is for. Again I always look for a Top 5 Defense with a late bye week...Good strategy !!!

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