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6 reasons why I lost in the playoffs


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I would like to start by saying in my big money league is three years old and each year I have either finished 2nd or 1st in the regular season and lost in the first round of the playoffs each year, this year included. I am the Kansas City Chiefs of FFL, I have a great regular season but screw something up in the playoffs and lose in the first round. Also I would like to say how well I think I did this year from going 0-2 and running off 10 straight wins to finish in 2nd place. But on to making fun of myself and my team.


6. I decided to try to get points at my TE in position instead of taking a chance on Colston playing. Jeremy Stevens who every other week was getting a TD. So I picked him up instead of Vernon Davis and taking the chance on Colston. Davis 12pts, Colston 7pts, Stevens 1pt.


5. Who would have thought Robbie Gould arguable the best FF kicker this year would have missed 2FGs on turf in a dome. He makes one of the two FGs I win.


4. I picked up Romo 3 weeks ago for specifically this week because of Bulger playing against CHI. I figured that would be my stop gap player for the week. Bulger 20pts Romo 4pts


3. Going into Monday night I had a 5 point lead with Thomas Jones and Gould going against SJAX. Who would have thought not only SJAX outscoring both of them but outscoring LT this week against the mighty Chicago Defense.


2. Right before kickoff Sunday I decided to post on here to see whether I should start Keyshawn or Marty Booker who I picked up earlier in the week. The person told me to start Keyshawn and instead of going with my gut I trusted that person. Not blaming that person just blaming myself for being an idiotl

Booker 21pts Keyshawn 7pts.


The number 1 reason why I lost this week.

1. To much over thinking and me being to much of any idiot and leaving to many points on the bench.


Thanks for letting me vent, thanks for the help this year in building my dream team that failed, and lets hope I can save some face by getting 5th in this league and winning my other league. Good luck to all still in the playoffs.


Having planning and see you next year!!

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