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Why would anyone trade LT?


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I know there have been players that have not lived up to the potential


For example Terell Davis went from:

2000 yards 15 TDs to

2200 yards 23 TDs to

220 yards and 2 TDs


For example Peyton went from 49 TDs to 28 TDs (yuck gag me)




So what I am saying is there is no lock-it-up player.


But what's with all this talk of people trading LT?


It would take a monumental trade for me to part with LT and it would have at the least the next top-2 RB (that is SJ or LJ) and a top WR (that is SS, TO, Harrison) or a solid 2nd back like Bush or such.


I don't believe I am hearing trades that do not include LJ or SJ because those are all that could maybe beat LT (barring injury) and throw in a second round pick like TO or SS or Harrison or Bush.


I don't believe people are considering lesser players like Bush plus TO or anything of the like.


IMO you got the first pick you take LT and let the chips fall where they may. Because if he gets 2000 yard and 28+ TDs no one is going to catch him.


I like Norv if he can make Gore into a top-4 back I think LT is going to be special this year

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Weird situation - last year in a contract league, I was guaranteed LT for one more year, so I took the money and ran - traded him for McGahee and Harrison.


Of course, had I known that he would have single-handedly carried me to the title game I would've held onto him - BUUUT the point is that in long-term leagues, there are factors aside from the situation as it stands that play into trades. IMO even absent the title, my team (since left the league) was in better shape due to the trade than it would've been had I held onto LT and let him walk.

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