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Draft in 2 hrs!


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Our Draft is tonight! The wait is over and this thing could be won or lost tonight! We play in a keeper league, getting to keep 3 players in different positions and then a 4th player if you drafted a rookie and want to keep him (but losing the rights to the round you drafted them in). My team is P. Manning, R. Brown, L. Fitzgerald and J. Addai (rookie keeper).


My question to those that have drafted aleady: Is there a player that you have seen going in the later rounds that you just thought was a steal to get? And, was there a player that some really reached for that was too early??? Peace out!

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Gates (although probably already protected in your league) went in the 2nd round in all 3 of my drafts. S Holmes who seems to be a lot of people's pick for a stud WR in the making went in about the 8th - 9th round in my drafts. (I'm in 2 10 team's and a 12 team - All 3 are redraft leagues). M Lynch was about the 20th overall RB taken, and J Lewis (if not protected) was maybe the 23rd or 24th. K Winslow fell in EVERY one of my drafts. He's ranked 3rd on just about every cheat sheet I've seen, but he's usually the 5th or 6th TE taken. This is all based in redraft leagues though. Good luck!

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Well, after 2 hrs. of drafting and another 2 hrs. of drinking after, I survived! I have mixed emotions about my draft. I like it and hate it at the same time (how is that possible?) After going through all the keepers everyone had we started our first round (4th round really). I had the 10th pick and RB's were few and far between, but oh well.


The guy drafting in front of me nabbed my selection, Thomas Jones, so I settled for Cadillac Williams. I didn't get to pick in the next round (5th) because of my rookie keeper Addai from last year. So now I'm at the end of the 6th round with still only 1 WR but there are actually some RB's still available???! So went with Ladell Betts. So now back around for the 7th round finally picked up my 2nd WR, Joey Gallaway. I don't like having Williams and Gallaway on my potential starting list but oh welll. I thought Gallaway was a steal for the 7th round. Got Devry Henderson in the 8th and Chester Taylor in the 9th.


I like having 5 really solid RB's, nothing flashy but probably solid point producers each week. This will give me some matchup decisions each week.

I am hoping Henderson wants to have a breakout year with Drew in NO's.


My rookie "shot" for this year - Jacoby Jones in the 13th round.

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