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Need 3rd WR this week, can get Plax for MBIII and Lee Evans


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I traded away ROY about 2 weeks ago for MBIII and Lee Evans because of my RB situation. Since then it has gotten better and I may be in a position to trade MBIII now. I need a 3rd WR this week no matter what becuase if the BYE week and I would like to add a quality 3rd WR anyways.


If I dont pull off a trade I'm looking at dropping D Ward, Jamal Lewis, or Lee Evans to pick up a scrub WR to start this week. Jamal from what I understand will be back in a few weeks (wouldnt use him unless desperate anyways) and D Ward is a good backup to Jacobs for injury insurance. I'm betting that LJ will have a bit of a better season as we go forward and I will ride LJ, Jacobs, and MJD the rest of the way.


That being said is Plax enough for MBIII? I'm throwing in Lee Evans because he wants a WR in return with the deal.


Should I be concerned about Plax's health? Am I really strong enough at RB to make the deal? Am I really weak enough at WR to make this deal?


If I don't make this trade I think I'll end up dropping D Ward or Lee Evans and picking up a scrub WR for this week and then play Dallas Clark as my 3rd WR the rest of the way.


I'm also trying to trade MBIII straight up for T Housh, would that be a better pickup?


We start 1QB, 2RB, 3WR/TE, 1Def, 1K (PPR) record 4 - 1


QB - Favre, Schaub

RB - LJ, B Jacobs, MJD, MBIII, Jamal Lewis, D. Ward

WR - TO, Driver, Lee Evans, Dallas Clark

Def - Arizona

K - Gould

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The deal is I get Plax and give MBIII and Lee Evans. What do you think? I have to make a move by trade or waiver wire. If I go waiver wire I'm thinking of dropping Jamal Lewis since he's injured and wont see the field with my squad of RB's. This allows me to keep Lee Evans and hope he turns it on later this year.


Thoughts? Should I be trying to move LJ instead? Maybe for a top WR?

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I offered the deal just now. I dropped Lee Evans for Owen Daniels because I needed a 3rd WR this week just incase the trade fell through. I've offered him MBIII and Owen Daniels for Plax and Wes Welker. I still have Dallas Clark as a reserve WR/TE.


This leaves me with LJ, B Jacobs, D Ward, MJD, and Jamal Lewis as my RB the rest of the way.

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