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Bad Owner or Collusion?


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Two weeks ago...


Owner A gave Carson Palmer (he also had Bulger on his bench - Bulger is a keeper, Palmer is not)

Owner B gave DBrees(is a keeper), D.Ward, and TJones


Owner A was in trouble at RB. SJax and LJordan were hurt and he really only had fragile Freddy and E.Graham at RB. But to give up on Palmer for the rest of the year to get Jones and Ward was just dumb, esp with Bulger hurting and Brees sucking. Trade looked bad, but I did not reject it. Not my place to save a dumb owner from himself.


This week, Owner A and Owner B are at it again. Only, I think it is just comical.


Owner A is offering Steven Jackson and Fred Taylor

Owner B is offering Selvin Young (off waivers), K.Warner (off waivers), and D.Stallworth


Owner A accepted the trade. Apparenty, Owner A needs a quarterback even though he was ok with dumping Palmer last week. While Jackson is hurt and may not play for a while, Young most likely will not play for a while either if the Henry trial extends. Not sure what the benefit is for Owner A. I can only hope Owner A believes Young will emerge as the guy in Denver and become a four year keeper starter - hence justifying this deal.


Otherwise, Owner A has now traded Owner B his 1st (Jackson), 2nd, (Palmer), and 5th round pick (Taylor) for TJones, D.Ward, KWarner, Stallworth, and Young. Owner A and Owner B are close friends, by the way.


Bad ownership decisions or possible collusion here? I am hoping just bad ownership.

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Face to face ask Owner A what is the deal.


Looks funny to me too. Or he is that stupid. Have you been playing with him that long, I have a guy that I have played in different leagues with every year and he makes a great draft turn into the worst team every year. And he is honestly trying. I have the rep for a bad draft and good free agent pick ups to make me a pain in everyones side, but I don't get much into the playoffs.


So these guys are close friends, I'd say that they came up with these trades around a hooka and sharing a fifth.

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A little background might help here. Owner A has played Fantasy before, but not in our league. This is his first year. Owner B is known for doing everything possible to "tilt" the machine in his favor. His team has an overall breakdown record of 11-44 against the league and he is like a cornered, wounded animal, desperate to find a way out of his dilemma.

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The first trade alone was questionable, but hardly conclusive. But, when combined with the second trade, it appears to be blatant collusion to me. The way you handle it depends upon your league rules. If there are no rules, you might want to e-mail the other owners in your league to see if they think the trades were examples of collusion. If EVERYONE other than the two people involved in the trades agree they were collusion, I would reverse both trades, and force the two owners to forfeit their games since the first trade went into effect, if they actually won their matchup(s).

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It is hard to say collusion here because of the players he had with injuries, he might just have to do these trades to make the playoffs. I mean if S Jax is out for another 3 weeks what good would it be to have him on his team if his team is left out of the playoffs. As for QB he is backing up Bulger with choice of two QB's for match ups. Now the problem I would have is Team A did not return next year because keeper wise he gave up alot to stay competitive this year.

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