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Ceasar Dressing From Scratch


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I'm having some dinner guests over tomorrow, and I'm going to take a stab at Ceasar salad from scratch. . .online recipes are all VERY different. I think I'm going with:


1/2 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Parm Cheese, fine grated

Anchovie filet

Egg Yolk

Garlic, one clove pressed

shot of Worstershire

shot of Lemon Juice



Home made croutons.



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I know it's a bit late in the game, but I figured I'd chime in for future reference.


There is likely few dishes that piss me off more than Caesar Salad because so many people puss out on it or otherwise f it up.


For starters, don't skimp on the anchovies or garlic. Don't like anchovies? Don't make caesar. A fine version for vegetarians or those who hate anchovies is to sub dry oil cured olives. Same salty quality. Just use plenty of them.


Number 2: You are making mayo, it needs to nearly as thick as mayo. Romaine is a very watery lettuce, so it will dilute the dressing. That's why romaine is used and also why it's often not very good with thin dressings. So, when you want to taste the dressing, scoop up a bit with some romaine and try it. Otherwise it will seem too strong or thick and you'll do something horrible like water it down. Then, you'll be like so many others and serve a wimpy salad.


Number 3: Don't get freaking cute. I've seen places "upgrade" their caesar by using baby romaine rather than normal. This is because they're stupid. For all the reasons listed in #2 regarding why romaine is the lettuce of choice, baby romaine fails. It will get completely smothered in dressing and lay flat. Your salad will suck.


Number 4: Don't skimp on the cheese or anchovies. There's nowhere for poor ingredients to hide. If you can find them, use salt packed anchovies. If not, try to find some good ones (ie: buy them at a decent store). Cheese, certainly reggiano is optimal, just don't use total crap.


Number 5: Obviously you need to make a proper emulsion, but avoid using a blender. Just start with your yolks, mix in a touch of dijon (ultimately you wont taste it but it sure helps you avoid breaking the emulsion. Then start drizzling the oil in while whisking constantly. Once it gets thick, add a bit of water, the lemon juice, the chopped anchovies and garlic, and continue. Once your emulsion has started, it's pretty hard to break it so you can add the oil more quickly.

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