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Disecting Dook


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Coach K is a great basketball coach. There is no doubt about that, but one of the reason that UNC fans hate him is because they know him better than the rest of the country does. The man is a complete egomaniac with an inferiority complex the size of Texas. His primary concern is about himself and his reputation. That's why he does all the commercials. That's why he likes to jerk the president of Dook University around. That's why he shuns players that leave early for the pros. The worst part about it is that he lies about it all. He assumes this magnanimous air and talks about how he coaches for relationships. Bah!


Disecting Duke

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I don't mind coach K- I just wish he showed more of his no BS, true cussing self, rather than the good guy national image he seems to need to have. Chit, Dook usually has a great schedule- and overall I like coach K.


to be honest yer boy Roy bothers me more than coach K. He is too sugary sweet and awe shucks - just rubs me the wrong way, and I think coach K is a much superior x's and o's coach. Until he got to NC - he pulled of some of the greatest choke jobs in the past 20 years at KU. (Similar in a lot of ways to my man Lute not getting it done with great UA teams)


I am over Roy whining about how great his kids are every damn year when they get knocked out. From all accounts a top notch guy, and a great coach- he just bugs me and I enjoy rooting against him.

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