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Should I make a trade? Rivers for Ocho Cinco, more...


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Would you guys do this trade?


Ppr league, also .5 ppc.


Guy in my league is desperate for a QB and wants Rivers from me. Said he'll trade me Ocho Cinco for him and will throw in one of his QBs too (gerrard, hasselback, campbell).

I've currently got:


QB - Cutler, Rivers

WR - Edwards, Holt, Bowe, Evans, Rice, White


Even though the Bengals look awful so far, I seem to remember them getting off to a slow start last year but finishing somewhat strong. I think I've got pretty good WR depth right now, but not as good as I thought after my draft. Evans has been ok, but Bowe plays for a putrid squad, white doesn't look too good so far, and rice has a garbage QB.


And then there Edward, who I'm worrying won't be a legit no. 1 this year. I'm thinking 85 would be a good insurance plan.


This guy also offered to add Kevin Curtis to the deal before I left work today, but I'd have to part with a WR in return, likely Evans or Bowe.


So, would you do this trade? If so, which QB should I take in return? Should I bother asking for Curtis?

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I would counter...


Try and get a solid RB instead. You are fine at WR and Rivers is a hot ticket right now....Get something better


Please see mine




He's only got Portis and a load of crap at RB (LJ, J. Jones, R. Williams, F. Taylor), so that's not gonna help me much, especially since my group of RBs is already pretty stout (Westbrook, Gore, Forte, Stewart, Watson).

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