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2009 Interboard League


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Once again it is time for Huddlers to step up to the challenge of joining the Team representing the Huddle Boards in a competition between 8 Fantasy Football Web site Message Boards. This year there is a drastic change as we will have 1 league of 8 boards. The participant boards include:


TheHuddle, Footballguys, FFToday, The Sports Outlaw, The Whiz, Fantasy Guru, FF Extreme and FF Live Wire


Each website picks 12 members from their boards to represent the website in a competition against each other. That’s right fellas and ladies, 96 teams in 1 league, the ultimate in competition and football acumen. So how does it work you might ask?


There are 8 separate drafts. Each of these 8 drafts have a minimum of 1 participants from each of the 8 boards with the max from anyone 1 board being 2 participants from any 1 board. These 8 drafts are spread out over a 3 week period and the draft is through MFL and a slow draft (timer between 8 to 12 hours).


What makes this league unique is the fact that you can trade in and out of your original draft and can trade in and out of any of the 8 drafts. The only rule being that you can not own 2 of the same player (you can’t own 2 Adrian Peterson’s of the Vikings). There is a possibility that you could be drafting in all 8 drafts based on your trades. It is also possible that the Huddle Team could own all 8 Adrian Peterson’s as with 8 drafts means there are 8 Peterson’s to be drafted.


Each Huddler owner drafts whom ever they want and you will be playing 7 teams each week (1 each from the other boards) once the season begins. However, as much as FF is an individual sport, this league is not just an individual accomplishment you are part of the Huddle Team.


In the 9 years of existence The Huddle team has won the Team championship more than any other board in this league (we have won 3 times).


The 2009 representatives of the league will be:.


Wolverines - Will be returning

Budlitebrad (Those Guys) – Will be returning

StormChasers – Will be returning

Memphis– will be returning

LosGatos – Will be returning


Soaring Eagle - Will be joining the team in 2009

TFord - Will be joining the team in 2009

Infinity - Will be joining the team in 2009

Crippler - Will be joining the team in 2009

Goopster - Will be joining the team in 2009

BPWallace49 - Will be joining the team in 2009


Washington D - Is able to do the league if needed but would like to see if we can find a replacement


Therefore I am looking for 1 Huddler to replace Washington D and perhaps 1 or 2 others who would be able to help out if needed.


There is no fee to join this league, what is required is that you are able to dedicate a fair amount of your time, particularly between the last week of July and the last week of August. The 8 drafts run during this time and you will want to dedicate a good amount of time to seek out trades, make trades and make your picks. Additionally, this is a team and we have our own private posting boards to discuss strategy, players we like/dislike and help each other to get all 12 of our teams as strong as possible because in the end we want to kick the sh!t out of every other board and win the championship for the Huddle boards.


This is your chance to compete against very knowledgeable FFers as you do with Huddler’s but now we get to show the FF world that The Huddle has the best knowledge on the web. To give you an idea on some of the competition, FBG has some of their writers on the FBG team. This would be like playing against DD or WW from The Huddle.


Post your interest here and e-mail me at sbard29770@aol.com with the subject titled (I am interested in IBL for the Huddle) In your e-mail send me some of your FF experience and if you have played in any BOTH leagues.


If you’ve been boasting that you are a great FF player and you think you’ve got the knowledge to compete against the best, than we want you on this team.


Please feel free to ask any addition questions you might have and I will answer them for you. Oh…scoring is basic scoring with PPR (we just added PPR last year).



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