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9 Player Keeper League Drafting 4th

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I am in a 10 Team 9 Player Keeper League so there is a lot of talent on all teams right off the bat. I draft 4th this year and I know that the first pick will be Knowshon Moreno, and the second will be Pierre Thomas. from there I don't know whom will be selected 3rd, but who would you select in the 4th Position? Available Players are:


Vets--- Rookies

L. Johnson--- Beanie Wells

R. Rice--- Donald Brown

C. Benson--- LeSean McCoy

D. Ward--- Shonn Greene

E. Graham

R. Mendenhall


Love to hear your opinions!




FIghting Moose

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My Present Keepers are:



F. Gore

C. Portis


R. Moss

A. Johnson

M. Colston

E. Royal


P. Rivers

K. Warner


Standard CBS Scoring format. I am always thinking as to the ability to contribute this year, but with the thought of getting younger all the time. I am torn between a rejuvenated LJ and or an inspired R. Rice versus the pure Rook with upside...... and do I sense that you have know faith in Beanie??


P.S. you can only maintain 5 RB's on the Roster!


1) QB

2) RB's

3) WR's



1) D/ST

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With the roster you have, I go for long term potential and go after one of the rookie RBs (or Rice). I don't know if CBS standard scoring includes PPR, but if it does, then McCoy has to be considered as does Rice.



Thanks BC, I appreciate your opinion. I may just go with Rice. I also have the 13th Pick coming back that I was planning on TE (K. Winslow Jr.) but if McCoy is still available then I can get the best of both worlds and get the young vet and the up and coming rookie right off the bat. There will be alot of TE's from the rank of 10-12 on down.

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Seems like you're set at RB. Take one for potential or target another position.



Thanks to you Opie as well! I would agree that I like my present RB's but do to such a large number of keepers the top 10 QB's are gone, and the top 25 WR's are as well. I could always target a TE (of which I am dropping WInslow Jr.) but the top 6 TE's are being kept as well. Def and K are always available but wasn't thinking of targeting them in the first 2 rounds. What do you think about this info?

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