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#1 Pick advice needed in a 12 team keeper

Eli Mancrush

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Wassup all I'm looking for some advice. I have the #1 overall pick and then picks #24 & #25 in a 12 team keeper league where 24 players are kept off the board. It is a PPR league. Here's the list of kept players and their round values this year:


Enchiladas - Andre Johnsonn (1), Steve Slaton (8)

Dynasty - Calvin Johnson (3), LenDale White (9)

Johnny Cifs - D'Angelo Williams (4), Wes Welker (8)

Howe - Matt Forte (5), Dwayne Bowe (11)

Wishbone - Greg Jennings (4), DeSean Jackson (8)

Dexter - MIchael Turner (7), Aaron Rodgers (15)

BEB - Maurice Jones-Drew (14), Philip Rivers (15)

Camination - Tom Brady (3), Chris Johnson (4)

Idiots - Frank Gore (4), Donovan McNabb (10)

Basterds - Adrian Peterson (2), Devin Hester (8)

Gents - Marques Colston (14), Pierre Thomas (16)

WGTT - Roddy White (15), Ryan Grant (16*)


I am the WGTT so I have Roddy White & Ryan Grant in the late rounds. Now, what this means is the best remaining players I'm considering #1 overall are basically:


Steven Jackson, LaDainian Tomlinson, or Larry Fitzgerald.


The debate is really to pick either RB #1 or WR #1. I feel that LT will be a safe pick at #1. However I also think that the WR position is more shallow, and the RB position is more deep. So I can probably take Fitzgerald #1 and then still get a guy like Brandon Jacobs or Darren McFadden later on at #24. Of course anything can happen during the draft.


But is it crazy to consider Fitzgerald over LT at #1 overall? On one hand I think the team might turn out good going WR #1 - but on the other hand it sometimes seems crazy to pass on LT ...



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Well BigCountry, looking at the board, if we went RB #1, we'd probably be looking at someone like Housh, Roy Williams, Ochocinco, or Coles being available at 24-45 - the top WR will be gone between keepers & the next 20 picks - unless there's some kind of absurd run on RB & QB


With the follow up pick we could take 2 WR at that point or maybe a stud QB - it all depends on how the draft goes


But for sure there will not be a top 5 WR left - more of a "tier 2" guy at 24


BTW these are the positions we have to start:


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