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1st pick for 5th pick...idiot?


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I just traded the 1st pick in the draft for the 5th pick. I also received my trade partners 2nd round pick (16th) and he received my 4th round pick (40th).


Did I do the right thing? Any idea who I might take in the 5th and 16th spots (I have players I’m shooting for)


I play in a 10 man league with the following scoring;

6pts TD across the board

1pt for 20 yds running and receiving

1pt for 50 yds passing

.25pt for a reception

.20pt for a completion

Bonuses for 100 yds running or receiving and for 300 yds passing


If you answer, I’ll be you newest bestest friend for evers and evers and evers.


Thanks a million in advance!

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So you traded 1/40 for 5/16 then. It can be looked at many different ways from many different people. Trades like this are subject to what you think and what year your doing it in.


I remember back in 2007 I wanted LT so bad I traded my 5/16 for the guys 1/38 so it is very similar trade.


Back then LT was considered by far the #1 player but this year depending on scoring method it can be any number of players.


The pick chart says you won by 9% in the deal



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Thanks for the link Henry. A great resources!


Here’s how the draft ended up after the trade.


1st pick – Peterson

40th pick – T.O.




5th pick – L.T.

16th pick – Peyton Manning (We get 6pts for each passing TD)


I was then able to get Calvin Johnson and Portis with my 20 and 21st picks.


How do you think it ended up? Am I the big winner or pathetic loser?

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