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There have been some great games this year in the Little League World Series. Earlier in the week Curacao beat Japan, 11-10, by scoring a run in the bottom of the last inning. Today Chula Vista beat the team from Georgia, 11-10, also in the bottom of the sixth on a wild pitch. Now Chula Vista plays San Antonio for the U.S. Championship while Mexico plays Taiwan to see who plays the U.S. Champ this weekend for the overall title. These kids can really play!!!! I know I'll be watching. :D


Anybody else watching the LLWS?? :wacko:

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This Chula Vista team has a 6' 210 lb'er who is 13......Ummmm......OK.


I'm pissed I had to get a haircut last night and I missed everything past the 3rd inning in last night's game.


to be fair, every team except the asian's, can boast of the same. Its not uncommon at all.


The sports bar I frequent is jammed packed with relatives and friends of the kids/parents of Chula Vista. We are the next town west (beach town) so alot of the parents are well knows there.




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I live about 10 miles from Lamade Stadium and have'nt been to a game in years. ESPN broadcasts so many games now... I won't fight the crowds.


Gil, they changed the rule a few years ago regarding age. As long as you don't turn 13 before some date in the spring ( I forget), you're eligible. Totally different for girls LL softball. Whatever age you are on Jan. 1st is your " league age" for that year. LL has some f'ed up rules.


The fields over there are I believe 225 ft all the way around. I'd like to see them extened. With the way the bats are made now and how hard these kids pitch, all you have to do is put the bat on the ball and it's gone. 57 homers I think this week, not including today.

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