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is A QB early super crazy?


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I'm in an odd 12 man league for the second year that is QB heavy (6pts for all TDs and 1pt per 10 attempts), PPR, and has odd roster requirements(1qb, 1 RB, 1 flex wr/rb, 2 wrs, TE, D/ST, K.


Last year I did terrible, and I feel beyond major injuries and underperformances my major weakness was poor QBs. So I'm sitting here at work melting down over who to take tomorrow in my draft. The major reason I didn't get a QB early was because they were being drafted waaay ahead of any ADP rankings. Three QBs were taken with pick 6,7,8, and all tier 1 and 2 QBs were gone by the early third round. Odd that the league champ drafted brady in the first and still had enough to go the distance.


Should I just ignore last year as an oddity since I'm with new ppl? What's your experience in drafting in QB heavy leagues? Would I be crazy to take Brees or Brady with the second overall pick?


Thanks for any advice.

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go RB. i got ryan in the 7th of my draft, and palmer was still there too. MJD/forte/turner(1st round) and ryan or palmer(6th/7th round) are gonna win you more games than brees(1st round) and rice or someone similar in the mid rounds are. i don't go QB til 6 or 7 depending on when the shaub/palmer/ryan types are almost gone IMO

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Well I went with you guys and got MJD after ADP went first. Then they had a huge rush on RB's and WR's and Manning fell to me in the second round. So I swooped him up lol. This is what I ended up with. We start 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 RB/WR flex, 1 TE, 1 S/ST, 1 K.


QB:P. Manning/K. Orton

RB:MJD/L. Johnson/C. Benson/J. Jones/C. Buckhalter

WR:R. White/R. Williams/S. Moss/D. Driver/P. Harvin/D. Hixon

TE:V. Shiancoe


K:R. Gould


The draft ended up being really wonky with a lot of odd reaches so I'm happy with what I have, but I have some work to do on the WW for sure. :wacko:

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Cool dude. I found myself in a similar situation. But, I wanted to pick towards the end of the first and get an RB and then Rodgers in the 2nd. I just get the feeling his is in for an incredible year. Didn't happen. I drew first pick, took ADP, and Rodgers went the pick before my next. Got Manning still though...



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