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Vince Young

Capt. Stanky

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I was wondering what people thought about VY's prospects with the Titans this year and beyond? I think he stands to make like 12 mill next year if he remains under contract with the Titans. I was lucky enough to acquire him in a deep keeper as a developmental player (We get to keep 1 player independent of our regular keepers (must be drafted in the 23rd or 24th rounds). If that player scores 0-49 pts we keep him for a 25th round pick. 50-100 20th round pick. 101-150 15th round pick. If they score over 150 they aren't elidgable to be kept as a developmental player). I think VY has a real shot to be starting somewhere next year whether it's in Tenn or not. What do the huddlers think about his prospects for the future?

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I really don't think Vince Young has a shot to start in Tennessee again. I think he is a winner when his head is on straight and I think he's got a chance to be a legitimate QB some day, but it won't be with the Titans...his cap number is way to high for him to be there next year and he'll be cut unless he's willing to significantly restructure his contract which I don't see.


Still, not a bad guy to have stashed way way deep on a bench in a dynasty format


Best of Luck,



(check out my new blog post if you get a chance!)

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