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Am I an idiot if I want to trade for Marshall?


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I'm in a 12 team PPR league and here is my roster:


Steve Smith

Roy Williams

Antonio Bryant

Devin Hester


Chris Johnson

Clinton Portis

Darren McFadden

Felix Jones

Correl Buckhalter


Do I have enough depth at either position to try to get rid of one of my players and go for Marshall. The guy who has Marshall only has 2 RB's, so he would like a RB.


Am I an idiot for wanting to make some kind of trade here? Who do you think I could offer to get him to bite and is it all worth it not know what Marshall's future this year is going to be?


The guy i'm looking to trade with only has Ryan Grant and Joseph Addai.

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What are your starting positions? How many RB, WR, flex?


Keep in mind Marshall was a stud with Cutler - big, cannon arm. How will he do with Orton - more of a dink and dunk guy.


I like both groups on your team, very nice players with great depth. Marshall is a big risk / reward player this year. He has shown that he doesn't want to play in Denver without a new deal and has caused problems already. He will be Randy Moss - either the last year with the Raiders, or the first year with NE.


Also, I try to avoid trades that will benefit the other guy more than me. I assume you would be giving up depth at RB, but is Marshall an upgrade over Hester - do you get points if he has a return TD?


I personally would stick with your team as is for now.

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I'd stand pat for now. It seems like a couple of good WRs emerge from the shadows early each season, so keep an eye on the waiver wire, because you could potentially drop Buchhalter for a good FA WR, but you are not going to be able to trade him for a good one. And, Roy Williams should be solid if he can get healthy, and I think Hester will be surprisingly productive playing with Cutler.

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