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Filet from Down Under


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My local market runs a sale every couple of months on "Australian Whole Tenderloin". The sale price is $4 a pound, and after I trim it up and portion it, the tenderloin makes 7-10 flilets plus about a pound or two of chain meat that I can play around with.


I'd never thought about the label before. Is this fillet really coming all the way from Australia? And is that a good thing? If so, why's it so cheap? If I wanted to travel from here to Australia it'd be f'n expensive. And how can it get here unspoiled if it's not previously frozen? Or should I assume it was? It doesn't seem like it was. . . . :wacko:


Oh, and dinner's gonna be sweet tonight. Fillet with pan sauce and snow crab legs.

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australian beef is known to be free range and are supposed to have soft textured muscle instead of fat. the price reduction may be a result of grade and/or how long it's been in the store.... they may be trying to move old product. you are prob (though not necessarily) getting a frozen product- which will still cook well. packaging will protect it on it's journey (just like kobe/ wagyu). it would normally be pricey.

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