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IDP strategy help...


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I'm in a weird 14 team PPR league where the benches are a bit short...It's a league where players get 1/rush att. Almost every RB that gets a little pt is worth something. We also have to start 2 IDPs.


My rbs are 1.Ryan Grant, 2.Kevin Smith, 3. Fred Jackson, 4. LeSean McCoy, 5. Lynch, 6. Edge, 7. Michael Bush, 8. Sammy Morris.


I'm thinking of starting 4 rbs each week with these starting rules:

1QB, 3 WRS, 2 RBs, 1 TE, 2 W/R/T, 1K, 1Def, 2 IDP.


QBs Brees, Trent Edwards,

WRs Jennings, Ocho, Hester, Earl Bennett (I need to beef this up too)

Def Jets

IDP DJ Williams and Jerod MAyo


My original plan was to go into week 1 with the minimum 2 IDPs and worry about byes or injuries when they came up. However, I'm 2nd guessing that strategy since Bart Scott and EJ Henderson are still available. DO I drop a RB to get Bart Scott or EJ with these low IDP scoring rules?

Tackle Solo 1

Tackle Assist .5

Sack 2

Interception 2

Fumble Force 2

Fumble Recovery 1

Defensive Touchdown 6

Safety 2

I was leaning to get Bart Scott so I can double up on his points with the Jets D. I also think that Julius Jone's history could eventually mean decent stat lines in this league for Edge. Thoughts?

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