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If I had it my way...


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I've been advocating for the past couple years for a 12 team tournament as the fairest way. Giving the top 4 CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS 1st round byes, and everyone else seeded according to their BCS ranking. There would be no limits on the amount of teams a given conference could have, and the 6 BCS Conference Champions would get automatic bids. I would also throw in a rule where conference opponents couldn't play each other until the National Semifinals, unless it can't possibly be avoided (similar to the NCAA Basketball tournament, where conference foes can't meet until the Elite 8). So here would be my pie in the sky dream tournament for 2009


# Alabama

# Texas

# Cincinnati


# Florida

# Boise St.

# Oregon

# Ohio St.

# Georgia Tech

# Iowa

# Virginia Tech





1. Alabama (SEC Champions)

2. Texas (Big XII Champions)

3. Cincinnati (Big East Champions)

4. TCU (Mountain West Champions)

5. Florida (At-Large)

6. Boise State (At-Large)

7. Oregon (Pac 10 Champions)

8. Ohio State (Big Ten Champions)

9. Georgia Tech (ACC Champions)

10. Iowa (At-Large)

11. Virginia Tech (At Large)

12. LSU (At Large)


By rule, LSU and Va Tech would have to flip-flop to avoid the Florida-LSU 1st Round Match up


First Round


8. Ohio State vs 9. Georgia Tech

7. Oregon vs 10. Iowa

6. Boise State vs 11. LSU

5. Florida vs 12. Virginia Tech




OSU/GT Winner vs 1. Alabama

UF/VT Winner vs 4. TCU

BSU/LSU Winner vs 3. Cincinnati

UO/IA Winner vs 2. Texas




Quarterfinal Winner #1 vs Quarterfinal Winner #2

Quarterfinal Winner #3 vs Quarterfinal Winner #4




And then the National Championship

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Interesting tournament.


Where would these games be played. Higher seed home field all the way thru?



good stuff Brian - at this point any 8,12,16 team playoff would be awesome


in respect to location, you could set it up like the NCAA bball tournament and rotate thru different cities, trying to eliminate any home field advantage

I'd think you'd have to make 1st and 2nd round matchups played on higher seeds home field. One of the big arguments, whether it's true or not is that you can't ask a fan base to mobilize for 3-4 road trips. This takes that out of play as nobody has to go anywhere until the semis. Sure some may make the trip but the stadium is assured of being filled even if nobody does.


Then the semis and finals are at rotating sites. If you wanted to, the other classic BCS sites could host the quarterfinal losers in bowls so they can experience the bowls just like the other teams that weren't invited into the tourney to begin with.

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