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Titans long term QB plans


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Last night during the game they mentioned that the Titans will have a tough decision this off season, whether to go forward with Locker as their franchise QB or draft somebody else. Today I read something similar in the Huddle Player News


<a href="http://www.thehuddle.com/nfl/player/24795/">Jake Locker - QB - Tennessee Titans Posted 11/14/13 7:54pm et facebook_thumb.jpg twitter_thumb2.gif The Tennessee Titans are currently unsure if they will proceed with QB Jake Locker as their franchise quarterback, given his checkered injury history. Huddle Up: The Titans definitely have a tough decision on their hands as Locker has put some break-out numbers this season but as of Thursday night is missing eighth start since the beginning of last season.


So I have to ask, is this just pundits speculating? Or is it reality? I haven't seen him play that much, but thought he was pretty good and would be their future. But it seems these experts thing that two seasons with injuries and missing a lot of games means he is not their future. I don't recall hearing this kind of analsyis on other QBs. Would Luck, Tannehill, Wilson, Kaep or the other young QBs have the same resulting discussion about them not being the future. Since when did having some injuries mean the player cannot produce.


Is this like the Sanchez situation with the Jets? I thought that was more about him just not being that good. I can see a concern about your franchise QB staying healthy, but are Locker's injuries his first 2 years something that are likely to reoccur for some reason?

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