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This is a REAL trade i need ADVICE on Emmanuel for Adrian


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Peterson for Sanders, I need help at RB im in a great spot to be in playoffs prolly 85% chance


Standard10 team league 2 rbs 2 wrs 1 flex 1 qb 1 d 1 k


My wide Recievers are stacked




Aj green



brandin cooks




arian foster

fred jackson

joqie bel

monte ball

bishop sankey













do i do this??? I really need to know now



Id rather alshon than emmanuel anyway

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I think I'd keep sanders. He's one of Peytons favorite targets and in that offense full of weapons, thats saying something. Look at his stats, he's put up consistent points week in and week out and you'll miss that if you trade him. I believe AP will be back but the question is when? Is it worth trading away consistent points every week for the gamble of AP returning? And if he does, there is no guarantee he will put up typical AP numbers. He's been out for 10 weeks+ almost, he's going to be rusty.

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no one is gonna accept cooks for ap man, its just not gonna happen. Alshon is obviously the main target in chicago.. Just dont see Chicago throwing up duds on offense from here on out, they are still good for 21-28 a game going forward.


I took a gamble with being in first place at 7-3 with 2 games left til playoffs, i felt good with Alshon and Calvin and Aj


I had alshon from week 1 and he was the highest i was on before season, and i still feel that way he gets going and hes a monster.


Same with Aj and Calvin of course.

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A better deal would've been bell/ball/Sankey + cooks for ap. I don't know if he would've went for that though. But you're sitting with 6rbs right now, easily at least one of them will never start for you maybe even all 3 that I mentioned. I'd try seeing what you could get for that pacakge I mentioned above. You've got some depth to throw around, after losing sanders maybe a better 4th WR would be good or a another rb until ap comes back. Riding foster and FJax every week until then isn't ideal and it's still not 100% ap will be back in time to make a fantasy impact

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he wouldnt of went for that...



I dont think ill be riding FJAX man, its a 2rb 2 wr 1 flex league



I honestly feel i have 3 WR 1 in Calvin Aj and Alshon, Alshon was targeted alot vs packers and feel he will be the guy moving forward and some good matchups coming up..


Brandin cooks is the 4th guy how much further can i go?


Thanks for the advice tho guys..





I dont think anyone is gonna buy those options man Sankey is obviously the work horse too

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You still have to prepare for injuries, and as much talent Aj and alshon have, they haven't been producing on the field. Some weeks it will be smart to sit alshon and then you're going into your weak bench. FJax will be your starting rb over bell/ball/Sankey. Bell is in a rbbc, ball could also be in one and not only has to fight off Hillman when he's back but now also Anderson. And Sankey hasn't produced in his carries but at least is still getting them. I wouldn't trust any of those guys unless playing the jags and FJax is against like the lions

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Not saying Cooks for AP, I would try to get someone else. I'd just rather have Megatron/Sanders/Green other than Alshon. It's week 11 he is running out of time to get it going especially with that Bears offense.



I understand that, its just Alshon in my eyes is top 5 talent wise, he produced better at home in cold weather last year... he has some good matchups, I have Monte Ball in that broncos offense, and dont like puting 2 players in that offense starting on my team...


Id rather Ball and Alshon than Ball and Sanders you know?




Thats why if AP Comes in I have Arian and AP


if not its


Arian and Ball, trust me ball is better than jackson and other etc

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