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In a 10 team, non PPC league. Don't need to start a TE, and can have flex line up with only 1 RB, 4 WR's/TE. Standard scoring.


Need help picking Flex.


P. Manning

L. Bell

AJ Green

TY Hilton

O. Beckham



need to pick one of the following:


Jennings vs SF (high risk/high reward first game back)

McKinnon vs Bears have poor run d, but Asisata to steal TD's?

B. Oliver: solid game against Raiders last time, but Matthews back

B. LaFell: could be shoot out vs Colts

M. Bryant: great game last week, faces Titans MNF

M. Ball: first game back, CJ Anderson looked great



Also thought of benching Hilton, as most likely going against Revis Island.....


any feed back great, as going against 9-1 team, thanks (FYI who has Luck, so if I bench Hilton, can root for poor showing for Colts!)

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I like Lafell more reward than risk but does carry some risk upside is good.

M.Bryant is the hot hand boom/bust for sure.

Jennings is a moderate start as he'll be sharing this week regardless

Oliver the same moderate

Ball wait and see


It's more between Lafell and Bryant.. I guess I'd ride the Bryant train one more time but going back to the drinking well it could be dried up.. Titans can give up a lot of points both passing and rushing, I like Bryant to get a chance at a TD, Lafell is awesome but if they go to Gronk or Edelman there just are too many options. I think its safer to think Bryant Brown each get TDs over guessing which NE players will. just my opinion. I'm not scared off from playing LaFell just think I'd give the edge to Bryant to be able to continue to produce vs the Titans.

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LaFell or Bryant for sure. Both have been featured pretty consistently the last 4 games.


Ball, Oliver, and Jennings would all be a no for me.


Asiati makes it difficult but McKinnion is certainly an interesting option. The way the Bears are playing right now it looks as if they could put their cheerleaders out there and be just as ineffective. Chicago is my local team so I watch all their games. Their run D is worse than the stats suggest (and the stats don't suggest it's very good to begin with).

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Should i bench Hilton in Favor of Lafell or Bryant?


Hilton has been great, but with Revis on him, will he produce this game?


Definite starters are Bell, AJ Green and Beckham (has been great).


will start 2 of the 3:






Nice thing is late Sunday game and MNF, so can see how my team is doing and swap 2 of these 3 around

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