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Blount Herron or Andre Williams?


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I would roll with Herron. Otherwise stay as you are.


Blount will have games like this, he'll also have games likes Gray had. NE backfield is a fantasy nightmare.


WIth Jennings back, Williams won't get as many touches.


Given how bad TRIch has been, Herron could very will become the RB1 in a good offense.

Sims will get his touches on a losing team...

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Only if Gore gets hurt. Next year I anticipate Hyde getting a lot more play time, but this year they're still running Gore into the ground and getting Hyde's feet wet. I will say this though: Hyde has a much better offensive line and offense to run with than does Sims, so his production (if given the opportunity to get a lot of carries) would be MUCH better

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I think he will; I mean, even the dang Raiders have to understand by now he's their best talent at RB, and to feed him the ball. Best thing for Carr is an efficient running game

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