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WDIS Week 13 WR's


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Not starting the right guys already screwed me last week, so I'm trying to get it right this time! Pick 3:

  • Calvin Johnson vs. Chicago Bears
  • AJ Green vs. Tampa Bay
  • Josh Gordon vs. Buffalo
  • Odell Beckham Jr vs. Jacksonville


As much as I've been completely frustrated with Megatron's performance, I still feel he's a start here at home. My current thoughts: CJ, AJ, and Odell. Thoughts?

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I start AJ this week. Last week he confirmed that he's back to 100% and the Bucs D has been weak. I would start Gordon and Beckham along with him. I don't see Megatron having a good week, especially on Thursday.


I take that back. I'd sit Green.. Your a full point PPR, Gordon is going to keep getting a TON of targets.. He had 16 last week..


Agreed that the Bucs D has been weak, which leads me to siding with AJ. My issue with Gordon: that Bill's D-Line is no joke. Will Cleveland's offensive line hold up to the pressure and give Hoyer time to throw? I haven't followed the Bills secondary much, so I can't say how good or not they are, but I do know their D-line is stout.


As for Calvin, yes he's been frustrating but that Bears secondary/defense is prime for the picking. As bad as Stafford has been, is this finally the game he plays up to his potential? @Drewneer: I think after the past few games and with the options, Calvin isn't an automatic start anymore.

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1. Calvin. You can't sit him. Even if he's been injured and below his own standards.


2. Gordon. Agreed that he'll get plenty of targets, and therefore must play in PPR leagues.


3. ODB. Roll the dice again this week. He's obviously Eli's favorite target & weapon. PS did you see his catch? PSS They're playing JAX.

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