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Thoughts on ONline League Host Options

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***Skip to the bottom if you dont care about the back story, and just want to see the question.***


Last season, we moved our league to My Fantasy League for the first time. As commissioner, I worked tirelessly for many weeks to set op our league exactly how we wanted it. Our set up looked a bit like this:


1 QB

1 RB

1 WR

1 TE

1 Superflex (QB Option)

2 Regular Flex





Completion bonuses for QBs (20 completions=4 pts, 30=8 pts, etc..)

D/ST only earned points for defensive plays (Sack, INT...) No points awarded or deducted for points or yardage given up.


A bit of an different set up, but it was exactly what we wanted as a league. All season long though, it was nothing but complaints from at least half of the league members (12 team league) They all said all season that they wanted to go back to ESPN.


As we prepare for the upcoming season, this is our main topic of conversation. Most want to leave MFL. I am in a dynasty league through MFL, so I really dont care if my money/fun league with all of my high school buddies is through another host.


***If youve read this far, my question is what sites do you all recommend? I know ESPN, Yahoo, or NFL will probably not offer near the customization we had, but outside of MFL, what sites do you prefer?

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What were the complaints about MFL? Did you ever contact MFL support for help addressing them?



Do you know if Yahoo/ESPN etc. can handle the customization, particularly with the lineup and scoring, that you need?


Another site that offers decent customization is RTSports. I no longer have any leagues there - my serious ones are all at MFL, the more laid back fun ones (read: very simple setup) with family, etc. are through Yahoo.

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