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Looking for Advice on Trading Draft Picks

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Every year we (our league) talk about trading draft picks. Trading draft picks for players, trading draft picks for draft picks, trading entire draft positions for cash, trading picks for material items... don't matter, we just go on and on BUT nothing ever comes from it. In a way, as commissioner, I love the thought of it but hate the idea of making it a reality in our league.


The way I see it, trades are one of the most exciting things about playing fantasy football. The rush you get when you finally finalize the terms and hit that accept button is just great! With that said tho, the thought of someone being able to trade their second half of the draft and stocking up on multiple first/early round draft picks is scary!!! As the commish, I can't let that happen.


Our league is very close and trustworthy with each other so I can't imagine someone taking advantage of the system like that but still... So with that said I thought I would take it to these boards and look for guidance. For those who do allow trades of draft picks, how do you guys allocate the rules to avoid someone from stockpiling? For those who don't allow draft pick trades but have any ideas, please sound off. I would love to hear what you guys have to say. Thanks!


Quick overview of our league: 14 team PPR league - Allowed only 1 keeper at a plus 1 round increase for veteran players and same round drafted for rookies | Free agents are valued as 10th round picks - QB 2RB 2WR TE FLEX D K w/5 bench spotsI


-Right now the only thing my buddy and I can think of to avoid any collusion or craziness is 30 min prior to draft opening the floor for all potential trades and voted on by league, majority rule wins. And trades would be limited to keeper players for draft picks. (ex. I'm keeping Antonio Brown and someone wants to offer me their 2nd and 3rd picks. League would then vote to uphold or block trade)

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First thing I would do is get rid of the league vote on trades.


Once that is eliminated, then you can get into the details on trading picks, but my general rule of thumb would be anyone can trade any pick for a player, pick, free agent cash, whatever within the realm of the league. I do not like allowing trades for actual cash, for material items or for sexual favors.


No reason to limit trades to players that were kept, it seriously hampers the upside of a team from trading - if I've got two keepable players, I should be able to trade one for picks if someone wants him and then keep the other.


Allow owners to trade picks during the course of the season (but, if they trade a future pick, they need to pay those future dues at the time of the trade)

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